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Appalachian Inn to Inn

Winter Trail

Inn to Inn Ride: Through Snowy Landscapes

There is something quite fascinating about horseback riding cross country in the midst of a Canadian winter, so long as you keep those hands and toes warm! While many North American riding operations close to visitors for the winter months, the little equestrian inn nestled outside of Courcelles has decided to use the picturesque and charming Quebec winter wonderland to your benefit because although cold temperatures abound, there is much beauty to see and many things to do in the magic of mother nature at her most brisk. Horseback riding through the snow itself is something pretty special, both riders and horses alike seem to sense extra adventure when the trails are beautiful unmarked blankets of fresh and silent snow. Each mysterious white trail will also lead us to new discoveries: a trapper cabin, a mill restored as a museum, traditional maple sugar shacks, a husky farm, hidden forest chalets and more! Along the way learn a little about the French colonization that shaped the notorious Canadian province into the proud Quebecois nation it is today. There is no doubt that after a day’s riding in the snow, you will delight in the quaint accommodations each evening where we will be able to warm ourselves by rustic wood fires and then partake in delicious meals prepared especially to showcase the tasty wonders of Quebecois cuisine!

Sample Itinerary (Note: the order of the days and the activities listed are subject to rearrangement)
Approx. 4 hours of riding per day, excluding arrival and departure days

Day 1  We will meet you at the Quebec City airport and transfer you as a group (approx. 1 hour 40 min) out to the charming little equestrian inn near Courcelles of the Lac Mégantic region west of the Appalachian Mountains. The inn is located on the summit of the great valley of Haute Beauce whose vast landscape characterized by forests dominated by Maple groves and stretches of agricultural fields are blanketed in a pristine snowfall. We spend the first night meeting the group, enjoying a welcome dinner of fresh local produce and getting a comfortable, good night’s sleep.
Day 2 Today we meet the horses and get familiar with the old wooden barn and learn where to find the equipment we need as we prepare to ride out for the first time. You will be grooming and tacking up your own mounts on this trip, but someone will always be on hand to double check your work or help if you have questions. Once we are ready, we set off down the quiet country roads lined with pretty snow laden trees. We will cross over the traditional farming landscape of the immediate area and make our way to the cabin of the trapper, Mario Bernier. We will have lunch at his place by the toasty wood stove and have a nice opportunity to warm our fingers and toes up. Then we will head back via the maple groves, winding in and out of them, until we reach the quaint inn again and have a few hours to ourselves to take a dip in the inn’s big hot tub with a glass of wine (or a good book) and rest up for the evening’s meal. A lovely gastronomic Quebecois dinner has been prepared for you by Gilles who is the resident chef at the inn and has a passion for creating tasty artwork in the kitchen!
Day 3  After breakfast we head out along a forest trail which eventually will lead us through the village of Courcelles and its elegant church at the centre. Also in Courcelles we find the old Bernier Mill built by the original settlers and has since been turned into a museum showcasing the historic French colonization and the consequent development of the region. We will have our lunch today in the midst of the maple forest, surrounded by thousands of Canada’s iconic Maple trees. After lunch we ride to a rustic, wood house for the evening where we will relax and socialize over a tasty dinner.
Day 4  We wake up this morning for a ride out across the snowy landscape to visit a remote heritage village. Then we are off to a local ranch for a country style lunch before heading to a local husky dog farm where we will stay for the night in their farmhouse. They breed top quality husky dogs with the breed’s iconic blue eyes. Then we return to the equestrian inn for some snow shoeing today and tonight we will enjoy together an evening of socializing and indulging in some winter comfort foods while listening to lovely music played from the piano.
Day 5   Today is the beginning of a two day trail as we cross the hill and dales of the Haute Beauce region with the proud Appalachians as our back drop. We will seek out a hidden chalet deep in the forest and experience “My Canadian Cabin”. Here we will take our lunch around the chalet’s glowing woodstove and again warm those fingers and toes! When we leave, we shall follow the St Sebastien old rail bed to the home of Yves Dion where we will have dinner and spend the night. He lives in a cedar shingled colonial farmhouse of traditional Quebec style and from here we will have a special nighttime adventure under the starry sky (a black sky preserve) and be given some insight into the history of the area.
Day 6   From Yves Dion’s place we will head on horseback east to the snowy slopes of St Sebastien’s mountain summit “Le Morne”. Here we will ride through very deep powder and you will be enchanted by the unique feeling of the horse beneath you moving though the deep and soft snow! We take our lunch today at a stable of Belgium Draft horses. In the afternoon we will cross the mountain of St Sebastien and be privileged to a beautiful panorama of the region as it is encompassed in a winter wonderland! Our evening meal and overnight will be spent in a warm rural home with peaceful atmosphere for a comfortable sleep.
Day 7  We are heading back homeward to the equestrian inn today, down snowy roads and more white countryside. Today we will have a chance to canter in the deep snows and have some fun! We eventually stop at a hunting shack for our lunch and delve into some of their unusual hunter stories around their wood fire place. We will have the opportunity to go dog sledding and then in afternoon we arrive back to the inn and there is no doubt that lounging in the hot tub is a GREAT idea! Back at “home” you look forward tonight to another of Chef Gilles’ outstanding dinners.
Day 8  We say good bye to the equestrian inn and make the transfer back to Quebec City this morning. We leave early because we would like to give you a last chance to play around in the Canadian city considered the cradle of French civilization within North America. You might develop a sweet tooth for “beaver tails” and maple taffy. Or take the thrilling toboggan ride to the terrace of Chateau Frontenac facing the historically renowned St Lawrence River. Afterwards, we will make the final transfer to the airport for your flights home.

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Appalachian Inn to Inn Ride in Quebec
Tour Code: IRPQ02
8 days / 7 nights ~$1,470.00
Dates: July to Oct

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Black Canadian Horse
Winter Trail
Tack: Western, English
Horses: Black Canadian, Appaloosa Quarter
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Airport: Quebec
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A Beginner
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C Intermediate
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
E Advanced
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handling a spirited horse in open country.
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