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Trip in Costa Rica




Odyssey Ride

Caribbean Adenture Ext.

Caribbean Coast Adventure Extension 

Day 1 to 6 -- Same as 8-day Itinerary

Day 7: Pick up at 6 am and 4 to 5 hr transfer to the Caribbean Coast, check in at the beach hotel bungalows at Perla Negra Beach. Depending on the temperatures we start our ride oround 4pm. First we ride over the very scenic Playa Negra (Black Beach) then partway over the village road, towards Playa Grande (Long Beach). This is a really wild, quiet and deserted Caribbean beach, excellent for horseback riding and a nice brisk canter. We then enter into a beautiful tropical forest, where you can see the magnificent toucans and other colorful birds, sloth, howler monkeys and more. Your guide is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, so you can learn a lot during the ride. After 1.5 hours of riding we stop for a break. While the horses rest a while in the shade of a tree, Raúl may chop open some coconuts with his impressing machete and everyone gets one with delicious, refreshing coconut water inside to drink. On the way back there are again several nice opportunities for stretched out canters. After about 3 hours you arrive back at the riding center where you can refresh with a cold drink. On the way back to the lodge you may stop to see some nice boutiques and souvenirs shops. Dinner is on your own today. Local restaurants are within a 15 minute walk. Meals are inexpensive from $8 to $15. The zesty cuisine found in Cahuita is renowned as some of the best in the country. One thing is for certain: food here is different from the traditional gallo pinto and other inland cuisines that dominate mestizo culture. In comparison, Afro-Caribbean food is a fusion of different European cuisine and is characterized by dishes such as jerk—seasoned meats—and curried goat or chicken. Seafood dishes and spice are also customary.
Day 8: We pick you up at the lodge and a 2 minute transfer takes us to the riding stables, where we enjoy a nice breakfast. From here we start our 6-hour ride at 9 am or earlier (depending time of year). First we head to the beach and then up the mountain and straight up to the beautiful farm of Don Paco with his large herds of different animals. We leave our horses here and hike for about 45 minutes on jungle trails to an enchanting and pristine waterfall. Here we enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch and a refreshing swim. In the afternoon we return via a different trail to the riding center. The ride ends around 4 pm and a short transfer to Cocles will take you to a Jungle Lodge near Cocles Beach. Check into one of the jungle cabins in the woods. Each one has private bathroom facilities. For dinner we get together with your host (born in Argentina) and enjoy a great “Argentinean Asado” barbecue with salads and red wine or sangria.
Day 9: The ride begins from the lodge, where we select new horses and match them to the riders ability. After everybody is sufficiently comfortable with their mount, we leave for the beach. We begin with a gentle walk along the white sands of Cocles Beach to the coral elevated Cocles Point where we ride over green grass through a beautiful coconut grove. There we see the beginning of endless and magnificent tide pools which lie along the turquoise sea shore. We pass by the petite and exclusive Playa Chiquita beaches and observe the wonders of inter tide zone’s bird life to our left and the edge of a blooming jungle to our right. We ride over driftwood logs and cross creeks and rivers to reach Punta Uva. Rated as one of the top 5 beaches in the world by Travel & Leisure magazine). Punta Uva’s first point extends out 300 meters out to sea, its coral; elevation is about 20 meters high and covered with old growth almendro trees and at times full of howler monkeys. It’s tip has a tunnel going from one side to the other. ItÅ› a perfect spot to have a drink and relax. We continue beyond second point Punta Uva and into Manzanillo Beach, or Playa Grande as some people call it. From that point we gallop through a mile long coconut grove until we get to a river where we rest and cool off in its fresh waters as they meet the sea. From there we continue to the small fishing village of Manzanillo along a magical white sand beach. Once in town we eat lunch at Maxi’s restaurant, the towns land mark. There we enjoy the famous sea food grill, Parrillada de mariscos, beers or soft drinks and we relax in its local fishing village afro-Caribbean environment.
After lunch we relax for a bit in this typical Caribbean environment and then continue beyond the mirador at the beginnings of Punta Mona and through the jungle in the refuge with some stops at the most charming beaches yet. These beaches looks like Balenese beaches due to the coral lifted cliffs which are covered by wild vegetation. The horsetrail is difficult due to the soft mud. In this trail you will see plenty of howler monkeys and exotic birds until we reach Steven´s organic farm. There we will set up a camp, eat vegetarian food and at some time during the trip you will get a tour of the farm. In the evening if in turtle season we can hire a guide and check out the turtles nesting with our flashlights and protect them from poachers.
Day 10: Today we ride to the Gandoca lagoon where wildlife is abundant and maybe all the way towards the border with Panama along the Sixaola river. We stop for lunch in Gandoca. Dinner is back at Punta Mona.
Day 11: Breakfast at the lodge and we start our return trip. Lunch stop is in Punta Uva. Arriving back at the stables you can relax in a hammock at your bungalow or spend the rest of the day at the beach or shopping in town. In the evening we have another Argentine asado and celebrate the adventure. You get to see it all and ride it all. Definitely a life time experience.
Day 12: Departure on the early shuttle to San Jose or if you prefer we can add an optional 2 ½ hr beach ride before taking the 2 pm shuttle back (beach ride is $75 extra)
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Conquistadores Odyssey Explorer
Tour Code: IT-CR-HRO10
8 days / 7 nights ~$1,595.00
Dates: Available all Year

Trip Rating :
Difficulty : Riding Level (Click for legend) Lodging: Standard
Day to Day Itinerary
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Ensenada Extension
Caribbean Extension
Caribbean Adenture Ext.
Tack: Modified McClellan, some Western
Horses: Criollos
Pace: 4 to 6 hours per day
Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop,
Airport: San Jose
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Riding Level Explained
A Beginner
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
B Novice
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
C Intermediate
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
E Advanced
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handling a spirited horse in open country.
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