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Once upon a time the Kingdom of Castile was a medieval kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula; today it is known as a historical plot of central Spain. The kingdom emerged as a political autonomous entity in the 9th century and this ride explores the territory that was once developed and patrolled by nobles and peasants on horseback: the breathtaking region of the Gredos Mountains. The varied terrain is a delight to be discovered on the back of our equine friends: the northern side of the Sierra de Gredos is a rugged terrain and home to fast flowing rivers that run through small farming villages while the southern side offers a soft and warm landscape dotted with orchards and vineyards. Wildlife in this area includes mountain goats (an icon of the Gredos Mountain), black and griffin vultures, and golden and imperial eagles. Gredos is a classically privileged and austere area conditioned by northern winds and situated in a clear, crisp altitude. Here, rocks mix with prairies protected by pine forests, creating an ideal location for horseback treks. The tranquility, silence of the mountains, and clean air combine with excellent horses and knowledgeable guides to create an idyllic riding destination. This trip enjoys long canters across pine forests, crossing rivers of crystalline waters and tasty lunches to not only provide sustenance but satisfy the taste buds. All these factors add up to create wonderful days in the saddle. The horses are of pure Hispano-Arab descent and are beautiful and noble: they maintain the excellent character like the Andalusians as well as the fortitude of the Arabs. Every evening, we come to a small and charming rural hotel where we enjoy the exquisite Castilian local gastronomy. Some nights will be spent in paradores - historic noble houses restored to high end hotels.

We offer 4 different itineraries throughout the season:
A. Four Valleys of Gredos
B. Castles of Gredos Mountains
C. Pristine Waters of Gredos
D. Gredos to Salamanca Ride


We choose the best lodgings in the area: comfortable, charming, picturesque, rustics, luxurious!

At the end of day we will return to our comfortable bedrooms with private baths before sitting down for a tasty dinner. Each hotel along the way will have a field where the horses stay the night. We only have to glance across the landscape to check up on them.

Most overnights are at charming rural hotels where we enjoy the exquisite regional cuisine, known for its tendency to be gourmet. We will also experience modern hotels, built in the traditional European style, located in areas of outstanding beauty.


The horses and tack...
The pure Hispano-Arab horses were all bred, brought up and trained by your host and guide. They all have an excellent character suitable for the treks and have been trained and adapted to the Gredos' natural way. They are versatile and safe in the stony  trails of The Gredos Mountains and enthusiastic and quick in the flat and sandy glens of the valleys. They are noble and have character similar the Andalusian horse, are tough and versatile as the Arabian horse, and are very excellent companions. Most of them are of a beautiful grey colour, and their sizes is between 15 ½ hands and 16 ½ hands - a perfect size for these trails and the type of terrain. We use very comfortable English saddles, which are well adapted to the back of our horses. Also, we use silicon seat savers and light saddle bags. The horses can be ridden with snaffle or rubber pelham or simply with a head collar, thanks to a natural training.

From the guide and owner:

The training method is based on the psychological connection between man and horse when he looks at me straight in the eye, a short glance will be enough for him. "I let him see who I am. My mood, my psychological attitude, what I communicate is the most important aspect." It is very important not to keep looking so that the horse doesn’t feel any kind of pressure.

My Attitude: I offer no resistance. In that way, the horse can perceive that I just want to be a friend, not a predator or a leader. This is extremely important as well as slow movements and relaxed arms which help gain the horse’s confidence.

Confidence is gained during the first sessions in the circular track when the horse perceives that I don’t demand immediate results. Another important point to achieve is that the horse’s jaw, neck and back muscles are relaxed. It is not possible to ride a horse without this relaxation state. The technique applied and the knowledge of language expression of the horse are also very important.

Horses Body Language...
The ears indicate the horses’ state according to their position. Straight forward, backwards, in different positions, fallen, in constant movement. During the horsemanship session in the circular track, it is important that the horse hears us. That is indicated when his ears point towards the interior side of the track where we are located. The tail is also very important regarding horses’ body language. A simple movement may indicate irritation and thus prevent an attack. Therefore, a relaxed tail pointing to the ground indicates a serene and confident horse. The mouth is also very meaningful. The gestures made while eating, the tongue, the lips relaxed or tight are also indicators of tension.

Stud Breeding Farm...
We have PRE (Pura Raza Espanol)  mares as well as Hispano Arabe mares. We use stallion of very good origins  and descended from the legendary horse Zacateco, tjhoe horse of the Spanish Army.

We breed the horses in the wild of the mountains. They are rustic and adapted to the harsh climate and the stony soil of Gredos. They are used to riding along the uneven slopes of the Gredos and are excellent to ride on any terrain. They are strong and resistant, strong-willed but noble, and beautiful as any other breed. We believe the Hispano Arabe is the best for long rides, delighting the rider with its smooth movement and tireless trot and gallop. The Hispano Arabe is a master piece of nature and it is only available in Spain.


We offer 4 different itineraries throughout the season:

A. Gredos to Salamanca Ride

B. Castles of Gredos Mountains

C. Four Valleys of Gredos

Pristine Waters of Gredos


We keep our traditional rides for the summer:

GREDOS SALAMANCA RIDE- Salamanca Town of the Culture, journey to the Center of Spain. Salamanca is probably best known for having the oldest university in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. This charming town untouched in its architectural purity has been declared World heritage site by UNESCO

CASTLE OF GREDOS MOUNTAINS- 7 days/ 6 nights/ 5 days riding (optional 8 days/ 7 nights/ 6 days riding)- Following the Tormes river valley with opportunities for swimming everyday in the river, crossing medieval villages full of history, more than 20 years doing this ride makes it a perfect ride. Different landscape everyday and peace moderate.

VALLEYS OF GREDOS- In these ride we can enjoy the most beautiful Gredos landscape from its highest paths crossing pineforest, valleys, and gorges with very green and wild meadows bathed by the clean, clear, and cold waters from the snow, where we can appreciate the aptitude for adaptation to different terrains of our horses pure Hispano-arab, masterpiece of nature, they are noble and good character as Andalucians, rough and resistant as the arab, our horses are the best companion for the best riding holidays in Spain

PRISTINE WATERS OF GREDOS- Centre based itinerary. Easy and confortable ride 4 nights at the same hotel, day rides with different itineraries everyday through the wild landscape of the Gredos Mountains in Spain. Lunches in the countryside swimming in the crystaline waters of the rivers at the mountains, very relaxing day rides . In the middle of the week we will travel to another town located in  the Tormes River valley to spend one night.

Sample Itinerary - Subject to change.

A. Gredos to Salamanca Ride - 6 riding days

Day 1: Madrid - Navarredonda de Gredos
Meet at Madrid airport and transfer to Navarredonda (2 hours drive). Welcome dinner at Gredos Hotel.

Day 2: Navarredonda de Gredos–Angostura de Tormes
Distribution of horses. Following the Tormes River at the bottom of the valley. Tapas for a short break. Lunch stop. Riding in the afternoon down hill along the river valley to Angostura de Tormes.  Horses spend the night at the village and transfer for accommodation to El Barco de Ávila, 4 * hotel. Dinner at hotel.

Day 3: Angostura de Tormes-Barco de Avila –Becedas
In the morning we will go through cattle trail to Barco de Avila. Lunch by the Tormes River, beside the medieval bridge (14th c.) and  at the shade of a 14th c. church in El Barco de Ávila. Then in the afternoon we will ride to Sierra de Bejar to Becedas, the last village at Avila province where the horses spend the night . We transfer the riders to the same hotel than the night before in Barco de Ávila.
Dinner and night at the hotel 4*.

Day 4: Becedas-Candelario
This day is a short day (half day) , from Becedas to Candelario , we will go through villages of peculiar feature.
Afternoon free, to visit Candelario, picturesque beautiful village one of the most beautiful in Spain, the church walk up the steep streets, and walk along the channels that collect the water from the mountains, magnificent, examples of architecture in this town.
Dinner and night at a charming Rural Inn.

Day 5: Candelario-Neila de San Miguel- Guijo de Avila 
Northward to Salamanca through Puerto de la Hoya we will get to Neila de San Miguel and stop for tapas at the unique church in a Celtic location (Cerro del Berrueco). Afternoon landscape is open and flat and we will reach the Cañada Soriana Occidental one of the main cattle path in Spain.
We will spend the night at Guijo de Avila at a rural complex in a very comfortable cabins, with a nice views of the Tormes River.

Day 6: Guijo de Avila– Horcajo Medianero
We will cross the river Tormes by Santa teresa´s dam a huge water reservoir. We will ride all day through the Dehesas of Salamanca with holm oaks, bulls, black Iberian pigs. Lunch by small river. Afternoon canters through the dehesa and holm oaks to Horcajo Medianero. Night and dinner at monastery with horses very close to us.

Day 7: Horcajo Medianero– Alba de Tormes
The day begins with a long riding morning along the Easter lands of the province with beautiful and clear horizons bathed by the waters of the Tormes river.
The history of Alba de Tormes is linked to Santa Teresa´s life and death, where the body rests in one of the convents. This is the end of the ride. The horses travel back home by truck and we transfer riders to Salamanca, 20 min drive.
In the afternoon time off to visit Salamanca, you can walk along the streets of this historical town and visit some important monuments (Main Square, Cathedral, Medival University one of the oldest in Europe, Monasteries, etc...). Dinner at restaurant located at the Plaza Mayor one of the most beautiful main squares in Spain. Night at hotel in the heart of Salamanca.

Day 8: Salamanca- Madrid
After breakfast, departure from Salamanca at 10 pm on time for flights departing Madrid after 2 pm. All riders will be transferred at the same time, so if any of rider needs to arrive to Madrid prior to noon all riders depart earlier or we will arrange transfer (at extra cost).

Castles of Gredos Mountains - 5 or 6 riding days

Day 1: Madrid - Navarredonda de Gredos
Meet at Madrid airport and transfer to Navarredonda (2 hours drive). Stop in Avila for a short visit. Enjoy a welcome dinner at National Parador of Gredos.

Day 2: Navarredonda de Gredos - Navacepeda de Tormes
After the distribution of horses, it will be a short day, riding through the Tormes valley. Lunch at fisherman´s hut with an excellent paella. Short afternoon to Navacepeda. Overnight and dinner at a hotel.

Day 3: Navacepeda de Tormes - Barco de Avila
The longest day and the most beautiful views of Gredos Mountains, we will ride to the top of the valley riding through small and remote shepherd villages, lunch at Lastra del Cano. Afternoon ride down the valley to Barco de Avila, an open valley with different landscapes. Overnight and dinner at a hotel.

Day 4: Barco de Avila - Hoyorredondo
We will cross the river Tormes River by a roman bridge in Barco de Avila and will go to Salamanca province, a flat and dry area. It is a very rural region, you will see fields with stone walls and farmers riding donkeys. Lunch by the river.In the afternoon we will have some fast and good canters. Overnight and dinner at a very nice rural inn.

Day 5: Hoyorredondo - Navacepedilla de Corneja
Good trots and canters in the morning by the flat Corneja River. Valley lunch beside the river. In the afternoon we will start climbing to the mountains. Overnight and dinner at  a hotel.

Day 6: Navacepedilla - Navarredonda
We will climb the highest place of the ride with a magnificent view of the Alberche river valley and San Martin de la Vega, cross the river and continue to Tormes River valley. Lunch with the views of the Gredos Mountains. Short afternoon with good canters to finish the ride. Overnight and dinner at National Parador of Gredos.

Day 7: Departure
Breakfast at the hotel, departure at 10am to be in Madrid airport around noon.

8-day option: Same itinerary with extra day riding with good trots and canters along the lovely Tormes river valley.

Day 7- Navarredonda de Gredos 
Good trots and canters along the lovely Tormes river valley.

Day 8- Breakfast at hotel, departure at around 10 am. To be at Madrid airport at 12 pm


C. Valleys of Gredos - 5 riding days

Day 1: Madrid - Navarredonda de Gredos
Meet at Madrid airport and transfer to Navarredonda (2 hours drive). Enjoy welcome dinner at a hotel in Gredos.

Day 2: Navarredonda de Gredos - Cuevas del Valle
Distribution of horses at the stables. We cross the mountains through Puerto del Arenal following the very old path which was used like a commercial way from north to south. Beautiful views of the Tietar river valley. Night in very nice rural inn “El rinconcito de Gredos” in Cuevas del Valle.
Time on the saddle 5 hours. 

Day 3: Cuevas del Valle–Puerto del Pico- San Martín del Pimpollar (Alberche river valley)
We ride through the Roman Road (II century B.C.) to join Cañadas Reales very important medieval paths drovers  for  Merino  sheep Transhumance, we will get Puerto del Pico, with magnificent views of the Tietar River Valley. Lunch at restaurant. Ride along the Alberche River Valley. Beautiful lunch beside the river. We will get San Martín del Pimpollar on the Alberche River valley. Night at casa rural “Las cuatro calles”.
Time on the saddle 5 hours.

Day 4: San Martín del Pimpollar - San Martín de la Vega (Corneja river valley)
Following the Alberche River Valley, we will ride through wild nature in the north side of the mountains. Beautiful landscape, especially in Spring when the broom in bloom. Lunch in the countryside with magnificent views to the highest peaks of the Sierra de Gredos. We stop for dinner and night at rural inn in San Martín de la Vega.
Time on the saddle 6 ½ hours

Day 5: San Martín de la Vega– Navacepeda de Tormes (Tormes river valley)
We are still in the mountains, with pine trees, broom, stone walls, it is the region of the summer pastures of Avilan cows. We will get very close to the source of the Alberche River. Lunch beside a lagoon. Afternoon ride to Navacepeda through open landscapes with the most beautiful views of Gredos Mountains. Dinner at restaurant, and night at hotel in Navacepeda de Tormes “Capra Hispanica”.
Time on the saddle 5 hours.

Day 6: Navacepeda de Tormes – Navarredonda de Gredos(Tormes river valley)
Easy and beautiful day, ride following the Tormes River Valley, Lunch at fisherman´s hat beside the Tormes River wonderful spot for swimming. Short afternoon ride and a few fast good canters to finish the ride. Night and dinner at hotel in Navarredonda de Gredos.
Time on the saddle 5 hours

Day 7: Navarredonda de Gredos- Madrid airport
Breakfast at hotel .Departure at around 10 am to be at 12 pm in Madrid airport.

D. Pristine Waters of Gredos - 5 riding days

Day 1: Madrid - Navarredonda de Gredos
Meet at Madrid airport and transfer to Navarredonda (2 hours drive). Stop in Avila for a short visit. Enjoy welcome dinner at hotel.

Day 2: Navarredonda de Gredos
Easy day to the mountains riding through summer pastures, lunch stop by the river with an excellent paella. Afternoon ride through pine forests, with a possibility of good canters and trots. Dinner and overnight at hotel in Navarredonda.

Day 3: Navarredonda de Gredos - Puerto del Pico - Navarredonda de Gredos
In the morning we will get to Puerto del Pico through the pine forests by the cordel (path that connects the glens) with a beautiful view of the Tietar River valley and Toledo and Caceres provinces. Lunch at a restaurant. Afternoon ride with good canters and trots through San Martin del Pimpollar. Night and dinner at hotel in Navarredonda.

Day 4: Navarredonda de Gredos - Barbellido - Navarredonda de Gredos:
Today we will ride in the direction of the highest mountains we will stop at Barbellido River for lunch and have good swim in crystalline waters. Afternoon with good canters along the Tormes River valley. Night and dinner at a hotel in Navarredonda.

Day 5: Navarredonda de Gredos - Charco de las Paredes - Navalperal
Following the Tormes River through Navacepeda historic town into the mountains to Charco de las Paredes where we will have lunch and a swimming stop. Afternoon ride downhill to Navalperal de Tormes by the river. Overnight and dinner at hotel in Navalperal.

Day 6: Navalperal - Navarredonda de Gredos
We will go back to Navarredonda by the Tormes River valley, fast morning. Lunch where there are swimming excellent spots. Afternoon canters again through the pine forest. Overnight and dinner in Navarredonda de Gredos.

Day 7: Departure
Breakfast at hotel, departure at 10am to be in Madrid airport around noon.

are subject to changes at the tour operator's discretion.


Rates and Dates for Kingdom of Castile Ride

Rates include:

Accommodations (6 nights in 2 rural hotels or upgrade to 5 nights in a Parador and 1 night in rural hotel), meals - wine with dinner, 5 riding days

Packages and Options

* prices are per person based on double/twin occupancy

Transfer and Other Charges:

2012 Transfer from Madrid is included at set times on Day 1

Dates Note:

Other Info
Meeting: Navarredonda de Gredos
Airport: Madrid
Transfer: Madrid airport


Castilla and León has a continental Mediterranean climate with long and relatively cold winters with an average of temperatures between 4º and 7º C (39.2º F and 44.6º F) and with warm to hot summers ranged from 19º to 30º C (66.2º F to 86º F).

The general lack of rainfall makes it easy for accommodating riding holidays and is excellent to enjoy the sun all year round whatever the temperature. The high altitude of the plateau and mountains accentuate the contrast between the winter and summer temperatures, as well as during the day and night.

What To Bring:
This list is only a basic guideline for you...

Travel documents and Trip Voucher
Flight tickets
Visa (check with your consulate)

English or Western riding attire - whatever you are most comfortable riding long distances in!
Comfortable and worn-in riding boots
A hard hat is not required, but always recommended for safety
Riding gloves
Hat (with chin strip) for sun protection
Rain proof coat

Jacket or sweater for cooler evenings
Comfortable T-Shirts
Underwear and socks
Light summer jacket
Trekking boots /comfortable shoes
Personal Toiletries
Insect protection
Personal medications
Sore cream (for the emergency)
Sewing kit
Adapter for any electric appliances
Camera and enough extras (films, batteries, memory cards etc)
Belt pack
Sun glasses with strap
Sun tan lotion and lip balm
Small bar of soap