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Ancient Zagoria Pathways Ancient Zagoria Pathways
Central, Albania
8 days / 7 nights, rate from $1,180
Dates : March to November

Travel back in time following the ancient Zagoria pathways! Travel back in time following the mediaeval Zagoria caravan pathways into a land of myths, tales and ballads.
Minimum riding level: Intermediate

King Skerdilajdi Trail King Skerdilajdi Trail
Central, Albania
8 days / 7 nights, rate from $1,270
Dates : May to September

This ride follows in the tracks of King Ilirian Skerdilajd, on his way to conquer Kaonia 2,300 years ago. Experience unspoilt nature, colourful culture heritage, welcoming people and ride reliable, strong horses.
Minimum riding level: Low Intermediate

El Dorado Estancias Ride El Dorado Estancias Ride
Corrientes, Argentina
8 days / 7 nights, rate from $2,190
Dates : March to Nov

Corrientes is still a place where gauchos regularly drive cattle and horses from one place to another. It's still a place where men calculate their distances in terms of the hours they think they'll need to ride them.
Minimum riding level: Intermediate

Lake Viedma Glacier Riding Escape Lake Viedma Glacier Riding Escape
Southern Patagonia, Argentina
5 days / 4 nights, rate from $1,235
Dates : Nov to April

A true "jewel in the rough" in stunning Southern Patagonia! Join us on a 5-day adventure getaway - a wonderful and intimate lodge awaits you, in the middle of the Argentinean Patagonia wilderness nestled at the base of the impressive Viedma Glacier, 120 miles north of Calafate.
Minimum riding level: Novice

Patagonia Glacier Ride Patagonia Glacier Ride
Southern Patagonia, Argentina
6 days / 5 nights, rate from $830
Dates : Nov to Mar

The Patagonia Glacier Ride offers exploring on horseback the most remote corners of Los Glaciares National Park where nature is discovered in its maximum expression: a combination of Andean woodland, crystal clear lakes, high mountains, impressive skies, and glaciers. The trip allows you to access where vehicles cannot reach, leaving the main buildings of the estancia behind to climb high up and enter another world.
Minimum riding level: Intermediate

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