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55 year old female from colorado looking for fun male or female- I speak spanish but not this kind of spanish. no fair making fun of me for that...please contact me asap lisw@att.net
(posted by: Lisa for "Catalonia Explorer Ride")
3/22/2016 riding buddy
i would love to accompany you on one of the rides in ireland! 27 years old female from the netherlands. I'd say I'm a novice-intermediate rider. I'm flexible too in the date of the trip, but i need to know few months in advance
(posted by: for "Connemara Trail")
11/24/2018 Need a Buddy
Looking for a buddy for the Donegal Ride.
(posted by: Cheryl for "Donegal North Explorer Ride")
7/25/2017 Sept. 24 Trip
Female, Non-Smoking, looking to share accommodations.
(posted by: Maureen for "Burren, Clare & Galway Trails")
Looking for a riding buddy to accompany me on either the Burren Starrides or Monastic Ruins Getaway trips. Date of trip is flexible. I am a 26y/o female from the US, have been riding on and off for the past 15 years and would love to take a riding vacation!
(posted by: for "Connemara Trail")
Hi there! I'm an intrepid adventurer whose horse buddy in my area wants only horse trips with cushy beds and pubs at night. I've travelled Africa alone and it was great. But it would be cool to arrive with a buddy for this adventure in Iceland. The end of June works for me. Who would like to be my buddy? Jen Gillmor www.jengillmormusic.ca
(posted by: Jennifer for "Classic Wilderness Tour")
Seeking female roommate for this trip. If you need more info about me, please contact me through this site! Thanks, Robin
(posted by: Robin for "French Colorado Provence Ride")
seeking roommate for this trip
(posted by: karen for "French Colorado Provence Ride")
I am female. I have taken Hidden Trails before it Italy. Going solo this time. Female, active I have 2 Arabians and ride 4 x/ week
(posted by: Deborah for "Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostela")
Hi all, I'm wanting to do the train and trail ride in Spain but noticed in the reviews that people end up all alone on it. No fun! Wanna go?
(posted by: Jules for "Train and Trail - in Southern Spain")

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