Routt National Forest Guest Ranch

Colorado USA: (GRCO03)

Colorado USA
Situated on a mountainside with views reaching 75 miles to the Continental Divide, this Guest Ranch offers over 200 miles of horseback riding trails throughout 40,000 acres of National Forest.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, there is the perfect activity to suit all your needs and wants here! Riding activities include trail rides, riding lessons, pack trips and more.



This is a stationary ride, so all nights are spent at the same location.

Our cabins are modern log structure with a sitting room and fireplace or wood burning stove, coffee maker and refrigerator. The refrigerator is for your personal needs and snacks but we also stock it with complimentary soft drinks. All of the bathrooms are configured with a tub/shower combination and include a hair dryer. We clean your room and change your towels daily or as needed. We also keep your container of homemade caramel corn topped off. The chairs on your porch are perfect when you want to read or just sit back and soak in the beautiful view.
Cell phone service at the ranch is good for Verizon and several other carriers, but there is no cell reception in much of the area where we ride. We have Wi-Fi hot spots in the Lodge and Social Club.

Our facilities include a pool and hot tub as well as many indoor games in our main lodge like ping pong, foosball, pianos, board games, and more.

For the comfort and convenience of our non-smoking guests, smoking of any kind is not permitted in any of the ranch buildings or on any of the horseback rides.

Room options

Family Suites - max 4 to 6 pax
The 3-bedroom suites include a separate sitting room and single bathroom. There's an extra vanity with sink located in the master bedroom. These cabins are modern log structures. The accommodations are fully-carpeted, except for the tile floors in the bathrooms, and they have electric baseboard heat in each room. There is also a woodburning stove in the sitting room that can be opened and used as a fireplace. There is a queen-size bed in the master bedroom and a full-size double in the other bedrooms. For larger families, a couple of these suites have a set of bunk beds in lieu of one of the full-size beds. These suites are constructed with two separate guest accommodations per building, each guest family has a private entrance and porch at opposite ends of the building.

Standard Suites - max 3 pax
Our single-bedroom accommodations come in 2 styles. Some units have a separate sitting room and bathroom. Other units are a single larger room with attached bath. These accommodations are also carpeted and have tile floors in the bathrooms. All have fireplaces in addition to the electric baseboard heat. There is also a fold-out couch that makes up into a bed providing additional sleeping space when needed. All of these guest units are in the same log sided building and each unit has its own porch and outside entrance. 

Room Occupancy
No single supplement fee will be charged for a single room.

All meals are included from dinner on Day 1 to lunch on the last day. We encourage guests to stay through lunch on their last day to get in that "last morning ride".
Contemporary cuisine will delight your taste buds throughout the week. Our kitchen takes pride in crafting exceptional meals that satisfy and delight. At each meal there are options enough to please everyone. 

The day begins with an extensive array of breakfast opportunities; everything from fresh fruit, yogurt, and homemade granola, to pancakes, waffles, eggs any style, and our house-smoked bacon (which has been known to receive applause).

After mornings spent in the saddle, breathing invigorating mountain air, you’ll saunter through our lunch buffet.  Here, we serve different hot entrees each day such as homemade pizza, beef and bison burgers on the grill, or pasta with homemade sauces.  If you desire something on the lighter side, we have a truly impressive salad and sandwich bar.

When the dinner bell rings (usually around 6pm), and you sit down at a white cloth draped table, prepare to be treated to a meal with all the charms of a fine restaurant yet none of the pretensions. Using the finest ingredients, sustainably and locally sourced whenever possible, our chefs strive to create dishes that are creative, satisfying, wholesome, and elegant. And the desserts have to be tasted to be believed!

Drinks & Snacks
Soft drinks are provided in your cabins and at meals. They are included in your package. A selection of wines and beers are available for you to purchase.
For snacks there's always fresh fruit, cookies, granola bars, and the like available in the dining room. We put a fresh jar of caramel corn in your cabin each day and restock your supply of soft drinks there.

Kids Meals
What the adults are having may not exactly be what the kids have in mind. Kids can always choose the same thing as the adults, but we find that they often devour simpler fare like chicken tenders, mac n’cheese, hot dogs, plain corn or beans, fried potatoes, plain pasta, or the old standbys of peanut butter and jelly, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Dietary Restrictions
Those with dietary restrictions won’t be left out.  With some advance notice, we can accommodate nearly anything.

This trip includes and can accommodate special dietary requests.


Our horse herd usually numbers 70 to 80 head. We have Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, and Clydesdales in our herd, but mostly our horses are of mixed breeding. We find that cross-bred horses have the soundness and stamina for the mountainous terrain in which we ride. We have some horses who started their lives wild on the open range – often referred to as Mustangs. As you might imagine, our horses are of many different colors – black, white, gray, buckskin, paint, sorrel, roan, spotted, palomino, pinto, etc.
You will be assigned your own horse for the duration of your stay. We match the horse and rider according to ability, physical requirements.

Riding Experience
We can cater to all riding levels. Some of our guests have never touched a horse before, and other have been world champions in various riding disciplines. Many of our guests are horse owners who want to ride in the open spaces of the West, and some are even ranch owners who want their family to learn more about riding. From time to time, we have people tell us they are fearful of horses or do not want to ride, but by the end of the week we find them addicted to the pleasures of riding.

Riding Terrain
Trail conditions determine how fast a ride can go, but we have a huge diversity of trail types - flat open meadows, sagebrush country, climbs to high vistas, meandering streams, pine forests, and aspen groves.

Group Size
We normally do not take more than 6 riders in one group with a wrangler.

Hard Hats
Wearing helmets while riding is not obligatory. However, many of our riders choose to do so. The use of helmets in all sorts of athletic activities has become commonplace. For a helmet to provide the expected protection, it is important to have it properly fitted to your head. We have riding helmets available for your use and staff trained to fit them.

Weight Limit
Horses come in varying sizes, as do riders. Your athletic ability and riding experience will influence the stress you place on a horse as you ride. It also affects your ability to ride safely. Being able to safely mount and dismount from the horse are very important considerations as well.
We can sometimes accommodate a rider weighing as much as 250 lbs., but that will depend upon how many people over 200 lbs. are here in a given week. Depending on your weight and athleticism, you may not be able to trot or lope on horseback. Your riding may be limited to walk only rides, your rides will most likely be shorter in duration, and you may be riding a draft horse. It may also limit the number of times you can ride in a day.


We organize rides according to rider ability and interest. If all you want to do on horseback is walk and enjoy the scenery, we have perfect scenery; if you want to trot and lope, we have trails appropriate for that as well. If you want a short 20 minute ride, or if you want to stop frequently for photography, we are glad to do that.

Rides go out twice a day during weekdays and last between 1 and 3 hours each, depending upon rider interest. On Saturday morning, we offer a breakfast ride and you can then head out on the trail for that "last ride" before lunch.

Family Rides
Although most rides will be with riders of similar experience, we do designate a couple of rides each week specifically for families. For safety, those rides go at the level of the least experienced member in the family. Throughout the week, the teens usually ride together, as do the 6-7 year olds, but if you prefer to ride together more often as a family, we can make that happen.

Improve Your Riding
We emphasize improving your horsemanship, so we give instruction both in the arena and on the trail. Learning to control your horse is important; our wranglers will help you accomplish that. Kids especially, but also adults, will find that organized games on horseback make learning fun and quicker. Our goal is that by the end of the week every rider should be able to lope. But if you are not interested in doing that, don’t worry. You'll never be pressured or shamed for riding within your comfort limits.

Sorting Cattle & Team Penning
Many of the Rodeo events consist in common ranch activities: sorting cattle for shipping, doctoring, or weaning. In recent years, a competitive version of that sorting skill, known as team penning, has taken the West by storm. Team penning gives cowboys a chance to demonstrate their skills in working cattle by horse. A team of 3 riders has to sort three stubborn, herd-bound cattle from a herd and move them into a small pen, a challenge that demands skills both in controlling a horse and in understanding cattle.
Guests can join as we gather the cattle from a several hundred acre pasture. We will stop along the way for you to learn a bit more about how to "work cattle." It's great fun and very interesting. You'll then move the herd up past the ranch buildings to the arena. The team penning activities usually start after lunch.

Meadow Pack Trips
This excursion includes longer hours in the saddle and we will go at a slower pace due to all of the gear we are packing.
After breakfast on Wednesday, those who want to take an overnight pack trip prepare a sack lunch and head for the barn. As soon as the regular rides and all-day rides clear the barnyard, we'll mount up and follow the packhorses into the high country. Stopping for lunch on the way in a beautiful meadow surrounded by pines, we arrive late in the afternoon and set up camp. To minimize our impact on the environment, we go to a different site each week, some with wide vistas, some near crystal clear streams, but all in gorgeous scenery and isolation. Each family gets to set up their own tent while the wranglers put the horses out to graze and we get supper started, a great meal you won’t forget. In the evening, there's usually time for a hike and a little exploring. You'll drift off to sleep in our sleeping bags while listening to the night sounds. The next morning, following an early morning cowboy breakfast in the brisk mountain air, we mount up and head for the ranch so we're back in time for a delicious lunch.
This trip is for the more adventurous riders. Kids need to be at least 11 years of age and have good control of their horse in order to go. Attention span is crucial since the ride is long and demanding. For the younger kids, we offer the Ute Scouts Overnight, which is geared more for the kids. Of course we will allow the adults to go along - if the kids agree.

Ute Scouts Campout
We have found that our usual High Meadows Overnight is just too demanding for some children, but they are often disappointed if they can’t go so we offer a fun alternative.
Children who are riding in the regular horse program may ride on the Ute Scouts packtrip. It is geared for kids 6 to 10 years of age, but younger children may hike the short distance into the site with one or more of their parents following a short drive. The permanent campsite is located on the ranch property. Any parent who wants to be a part of this may ride along, or parents who don’t want to make the ride, may rendezvous with their children later in the day by hiking in.
After a normal morning ride or activities, Ute Scouts will leave shortly after lunch Thursday and arrive at the campsite by mid-afternoon. Then all will play games and learn some cowboy skills. Kids like hot dogs and soda. That’s what they’ll get! Sleeping in tipis, they’ll be protected from weather. The campsite is close enough that on Friday morning the Ute Scouts will get back to the ranch in time for breakfast.

Child Programs

8-13 Year Olds
Children in this age group will spend a great deal of time riding. We emphasize instruction, and we structure fun riding activities with sufficient challenge to ensure that these young riders are improving their riding skills while having a good time. We encourage children to participate in all of the week's activities - trail rides, square-dancing, nature walks, swimming, fishing, hayrides, and more. They may eat meals with their family, or they may eat at a separate table with their peers and counselors.

6-7 Year Olds
Riding a horse demands concentration. Children six to seven years old have more limited attention spans than older kids and need special attention as they learn to ride. To deal with the special needs of this age group, the counselors ride with them separately from the older kids. 6 to 7 year olds will ride as frequently as the older ones but on rides of slightly shorter duration. In addition to the activities that the older children engage in, these children will spend more time with their counselors in other activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, and educational games.

3-5 Year Olds
Children under six years of age are supervised during those hours that the adults are riding. While here they will learn about mountain animals, plants, and rocks. They will hear stories about Indians and horses. They will create crafts in the Sheriff's Office and the tipi, go on nature walks with their counselor, be led around on the kid's special horse. They also might find the activities result in some afternoon napping, too.

Infants (2 Years & Under)
Please talk with us in advance to arrange baby-sitting services for infants (extra fee - please inquire). Cribs are available for infants.

Special Weeks

Women's Week - Jun 5-11 2022 / June 4-10 2023
This event is usually held during the first week of June. Spend some time with genuine Working Women of the West and hear their stories.
During your stay, you might meet Dee our farrier (horseshoer) for over 3 decades, Lindy our large animal vet, and our neighbors the Taussig women cattle ranchers. The Taussings are scheduled to bring some of their momma cows and calves up to the ranch for summer pasture that week.
Among other things, options for doing the following are included, but not required: rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, single action revolver shoot, line dancing, breakfast ride, sunset ride, horse drawn covered wagon ride, fly-fishing lesson, all-day rides, moving cattle, hot-tub, guided hikes, swimming pool, whip cracking, tomahawk throwing, and lots more fun stuff.

Adult-Only Weeks (ages 18 and older) - Sep 6-19 2022
Every Fall, we host an adult-only week. It is a wonderful time of the year at the ranch where the aspen trees grow more golden each passing day.  This week is memorable for the fellowship around the dinner table and out on the trail.

Cattle Round Up Week (ages 18 and older) - Sep 22-28 2022
This is for experienced riders only! We help the local cattle ranchers gather their herds, bring them home, and move them from place to place on their home ranches. That time of the year marks the end of the US Forest Service grazing allotments, and it is imperative that the ranchers move their cattle off of the National Forest. Sometimes we move a herd for many miles, other times we are searching for strays and cattle that don’t want to be found. We do stay at the ranch each night and have breakfast and dinner here. We are usually away from the ranch during the day and pack lunches. The days are relatively long but beautiful and enjoyable. We encounter all kinds of weather and riding terrain. We often trailer the horses up into the National Forest or over to a friend’s ranch at the start of a day.
The most difficult part of the week for most riders is the length of time in the saddle. Depending upon our work for any particular day, we will spend between 5 and 10 hours in the saddle that day. We don’t usually ride fast, but we are in some rugged country in all kinds of weather. Since you will be riding independently, it is most important that you recognize your own abilities and the capabilities of your horse. If a rider wants to take a break on a given day, that's not a problem. We do work as teams, but the number of riders on a team and their assignments vary each day.

Non-Riding Activities
Non-riders are welcomed at the ranch and can take part in a number of activities including hiking, swimming, shooting sports and much more!

Fly-Fishing - included
We offer fly-fishing on our many streams and rivers as well as instruction for those new to the sport. Our anglers will show you the best tips and tricks, locations, and technique to turn you into a pro. And to make your travels a little easier, we offer full fishing equipment to all of our guests so there's no need to lug yours through your travels. On property is also a stocked pond that's great for the little ones where we also provide fishing programs just for them.

Rates and Dates for Routt National Forest Guest Ranch

Rates include:

Accommodation, All meals, Soft drinks, Taxes, Gratuities & 5 days of ranch activities
Helmets can be borrowed at the ranch.

Packages and Options

* prices are per person based on double/twin occupancy

Transfer and Other Charges:

2023 Children 2 and under stay for free
2023 Non-riders welcome at same rate as riders

Dates Note:

Rates do not include:

Taxes (20%), Alcoholic drinks & Airport transfers

Other Info
Meeting: Kremmling, CO
Airport: Denver Internatinal Airport (DEN)
Transfer: --

                                                Kremmling area














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Colorado benefits from about 300 days of sunshine per year and four distinct seasons. Winters are usually mild and summers are dry allowing for plenty of varied outdoor activities year round.

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