Lake Viedma Glacier

Southern Patagonia Argentina: (IT-ARSR02)

Southern Patagonia Argentina
A true "jewel in the rough" in stunning Southern Patagonia!

Join us on a 5-day adventure getaway - a wonderful and intimate lodge awaits you, in the middle of the Argentinean Patagonia wilderness nestled at the base of the impressive Viedma Glacier, 120 miles north of Calafate.

The lodge is unique in its charm and offers wonderfully cozy accommodations, delicious gourmet meals and first class service in every aspect. It is surrounded by a stunning and fascinating landscape, sheltered  first by coniferous woods before unveiling a panoramic view of Lake Viedma and the majestic Andean Mountains.

Your trip will start with a transfer from Calafate, crossing the barren landscape of Southern Patagonia until you reach the breathtaking Lake Viedma, views of Mount Fitzroy across its the waters. Nearing the lodge, your home for the next  few days, you will immediately impressed and enchanted by the grandiose glaciers that come all the way down to the blue-green water's edge.  This exquisite landscape is now yours to discover on horseback.


This is a stationary ride where all nights are at the same location. Check in is after 1 pm and check out is at 10 am. Guests are required to leave their room by 10am, however guests may stay at the lodge, have lunch and enjoy a half-day activity for an extra cost.

The lodge has over 100 years of history and is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains on the shores of the Viedma Lake, right in front of a breathtaking view of Mt. Fitz Roy (or Chaltén, as the local Tehuelches aboriginals called it).
It has 9 luxury rooms (7 double and 2 triple) which can accommodate up to 20 guests. All rooms are heated and come with a private bathroom. Each room is exquisitely decorated, yet with amazing simplicity - combining warm colors and different textures that harmonize and blend in with the natural environment. Guests can share their experiences around a large fireplace in the living area. It should be noted that although there is electricity at the lodge, there are no Tvs and no phone signal.
WiFi is available free of charge. Guests are allowed to make phone calls but cannot receive them (extra cost).There is no mobile phone coverage and no TV but there is electricity.
Laundry services are available for an extra fee.

Check in is after 1 pm and check out is at 10 am. Guests are required to leave their room by 10am, however guests may stay at the lodge, have lunch and enjoy a half-day activity for an extra cost.

All meals (three-course fixed meals) and soft drinks are included during this trip.
Lunch is included on your arrival day. No lunch is included on your day of departure. However, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

The lodge has its own vegetable garden. Typical local dishes such as Patagonian lamb or exquisite local trout are just some of the delectable meals on offer.

Alcoholic beverages are not included but can be purchased locally. The lodge has a refined wine cellar featuring a variety of Argentine and Chilean selected vintage wines.


There is a great herd of free roaming Criollo bred horses at the lodge - all perfect trekking companions for your stay.

You can choose from short rides around the lodge or extensive all day rides across the mountains to the glacier or the neighboring ranch - endless breathtaking scenery to discover.


After arriving to the Hostería, the guide will organize the activities during your stay. These activities will have to be reconfirmed the night before. We remind you that all activities may change according to the weather conditions.

Activities Sample

Horse ride / Walk along the beach with a view on the Fitz Roy
Going East, one will encounter small ravines where special types of typical vegetation from the Patagonian step can be seen: El Calafate (Box-leafed barberry), coirón, neneo, yareta and many others used as medicinal plants. We then arrive to the beach, which in some places has very thin sand, allowing the horses to gallop nicely. The whispering of the waves breaking against the sand is part of the excursion. If the sky is clear, the view on the Fitz Roy is truly unbeatable.
Note: This walk is an excellent alternative for those who want to go on a nice horse ride. It is perfect for beginners as well as for more experienced riders who will be able to enjoy galloping on the beach.
Rating of difficulty: easy
Length: 6 Km.
Duration: 2 h or more according to the time spent on the beach.

Trekking or Horseback Riding to Blue Lagoon
The visitor sets out on an old grass trail which starts at the lodge. The path enters the river Alfredo valley (the same one that provides energy to the lodge), gradually ascending by the sides of the Huemul Hill and with the musical noise of the river. After a 40-minute walk, a most magnificent view can be seen from where one can appreciate the magnitude of Mt. Fitz Roy emerging from the other side of Viedma Lake. The path continues to enter deeper into the valley that becomes narrower, surrounded by the Cordón Huemul and its peaks that reach 2700 ms in height; the Blue Lagoon glacier can already be seen in the horizon of the valley. The footpath then leads into a forest of “lengas” and “ñires”. During the journey it is usual to see guanacos and condors curiously approaching to observe the visitor. After a one-hour walk at the end of the valley, one sees the river descending in escalating form on the rocks, forming a spectacular waterfall at a height of 300 ms. The journey continues bordering the mountain to where the river rises and which is reached after a 50-minute climb and places the traveler where the snows are permanent on the mountains that surround him. A 10-minute walk and a small wood separate the visitor from his objective. Upon arrival, one can see the lagoon in a deep bright blue contrasting with the darkness of the mountain and the whiteness of the glacier which descends from the highest of the Andes Mountains to the very bank of the lagoon. The surroundings are beautiful and invite to contemplation and reflection in absolute silence, which is only interrupted by the sounds of the usual avalanches that take place from the summits falling to the glacier.
Rating of difficulty: Medium
Length of trip: 16 km.
Maximum height reached during the trip: 850 ms
Duration of trip: by foot: 5.30 hs. /on horseback: 4.30 hs.

Horseback riding and trekking to Estancia Los Hermanos
When departing from the lodge and heading East, the travelers crosses the Alfredo river and climbs the mountain cliff to witness the spectacular, panoramic view of Viedma Lake. While heading there, one can observe the local flora which offers a diverse variety of species and large amount of birds, typical of this region when passing near the three lagoons. After 45 minutes, one arrives at the Estancia Los Hermanos, where one can visit the shearing shed, the vegetable garden that supplies Helsingfors, and have the opportunity to see how a Patagonian farm functions. As one heads to this estancia, one can see sheep, guanacos, cows and beautiful horses, many of them the foals of the “Cuarto de Milla” stallion which live on this farm.
After the visit to the farm, one crosses the countryside to arrive at the lake which has a small pebble beach from where one returns enjoying the wonderful view of Helsingfors.
Rating of difficulty: Low-Medium
Length of trip: 12 km.
Maximum height reached during the trip: 370 ms
Duration of trip: Trekking: 4.00 hs. On horseback: 3.00 hs.

Horse ride to the Mirador del Cóndor
We will go South, along the Milodón River, this area is known as La Faja. After going through a burnt down forest, climbing 600 meters, we will have a breathtaking view on the glacier Milodón, framed by the impressive Cordón Huemul. The vegetation totally changes as the valley of the Condór begins. After a short rest, sheltered by the last trees to have lunch and in order for the horses to rest, we will keep on climbing. This area is inhabited by guanacos and condors that will surely be surprised by our presence. Arriving at the edge after the last efforts, we will stand in front of a breathtaking view, in the heart of the National Park, Los Glaciares. From the Mount Pintado to the Mount Fitz Roy, we stand in front of the ANDES.
Note: Only for riders who have already experienced horse rides in the mountains.
Rating of difficulty: Hard
Length of trip: 30 km.
Maximum height reached during the trip: 1200m (Difference of height: 1000 m)
Duration of the trip: 8/9 hs.

Rates and Dates for Lake Viedma Glacier

Rates include:

Accommodations, All meals with non-alcoholic beverages, 4 or 3 riding days (depending on package), Transfers to/from El Calafate on particular days of week (set times) & Taxes

Packages and Options

  • SeasonYearDescription US$
    20215 day trip, AP$1800
    • Single supplement$120
      Guide and driver's fee (MANDATORY if less than 10 guests)$500
  • B
    20214 day trip, AP$1350
    • Single supplement$90
      Guide and driver's fee (MANDATORY if less than 10 guests)$375

* prices are per person based on double/twin occupancy

Transfer and Other Charges:

2021 Transfers included at scheduled times on Tues, Thurs or Sun (max 4 passengers) $0
2021 Holiday supplement (Christmas & New Year), pp, per night $180
2021 Children 3-7 yrs. old. 50% Discount $0
2021 Children under 3 yrs. old -- FREE $0
2021 Extra night, dbl, pp $450
2021 Private transfer from/to El Calafate (up to 4 pax), each way
This is a "Group Rate"
2021 Private transfer from/to El Chaltén (up to 4 pax), each way
This is a "Group Rate"

Season Seasons  Min / MaxReserve
A 2021 01/03 - 03/31 5d / 4n 5 day trip, AP 1 /6 Reserve
B 2021 01/03 - 03/31 4d / 3n 4 day trip, AP 1 /6 Reserve
B 2021 11/01 - 12/31 4d / 3n 4 day trip, AP 1 /6 Reserve
A 2021 11/01 - 12/31 5d / 4n 5 day trip, AP 1 /6 Reserve

Dates Note: Arrival on any day. Transfers are included on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday only (private transfer possible if arriving a different day).

Rates do not include:

Gratuities & Transfers to/from El Calafate outside of usual schedule (private transfers)

Other Info
Meeting: Lake Viedma
Airport: El Calafate
Transfer: El Calafate 10:30 AM - return late afternoon

                                            El Calafate area














Average High Temperature (°F)













Average Low Temperature (°F)













Average High Temperature (°C)













Average Low Temperature (°C)













Source: NOAA

El Chaltén has a mostly dry climate, with very light precipitation distributed on a large number of days throughout the year despite the semi-arid setting. It should be noted that more rain typically falls in the months between March and May. However, it is a fair bit drier during the summer months of October to March. It can be windy, especially during the spring and summer months. Also note that temperature varies greatly between the low lying elevations and the mountaintops. Weather is changeable and localized.

Summers consist of very long daylight hours (about 17 hours of daylight), very windy weather, and cool temperatures, mostly below 18 °C (64 °F) during the day and below 5 °C (41 °F) during the night. Frost can and will occur in the summer season in El Chaltén.

Winters bring snow in moderate quantities and average temperatures are usually around 3 ° C (37 °F) during the day and −4 ° C (25 °F) during the night. Spring and fall are variable, but generally cold as well. The shortest day in winter has nearly 8 hours of daylight.

What To Bring:
The best way to dress is in layers: a t-shirt, shirt, pullover (or fleece which is light and dries quickly), and a jacket to give protection against wind and rain.
If you do not intend wearing a hard hat, we recommend a hat with a wide brim (also good if it happens to rain).

Basic Pack should include:
  • Day Pack
  • Trekking shoes (that have been used before)
  • Comfortable shoes for resting
  • Warm parka and windbreaker
  • Pullover / warm sweater
  • Light pullover / sweatshirt
  • Gloves, hat / cap, bandanna, sunglasses
  • Sun screen / Sun block
  • Camera and lots of film
  • Binoculars

This list is only a guideline for you


Travel documents and Voucher

Flight tickets


Visa (check with your consulate)



Trousers should be comfortable for riding - jodhpurs, jeans

Footwear that is safe for riding

Riding helmet  (recommended for all trips)

Half Chaps (optional)

Riding gloves

Hat (with chin strip) for sun protection

Rain wear



Jacket for protection against wind and rain

Comfortable t-shirts/shirts



Underwear and socks


Light summer jacket

Warm jacket

Comfortable shoes/sneakers




Personal Toiletries

Insect protection

Personal medications

Sore cream (for the emergency)

Sewing kit


Laundry (wash) bag

Camera and enough extra films

Small flashlight

Sun glasses with strap

Sun tan lotion and lip balm