South Chilcotin Getaway

British Columbia Canada: (RTBC05-3)

British Columbia Canada
These trips are tailored towards advanced intermediate to experienced riders who are looking for a true taste of the unique multi-day backcountry horse packing adventure!

You will join wranglers on an authentic hut to hut expedition via horseback, packing supplies into and between remote backcountry camps. You can expect to travel along traditional horse packing routes to and from camps, gain a broad experience and understanding of the typical day for wranglers, and have ample opportunities to learn about the history of horse packing in the region.

Your wrangler guides will uncover the magic of the South Chilcotin as you travel on horseback through remote mountain passes and sub alpine meadows, visit glacier fed alpine lakes, and experience historic trails through a variety of terrain. Along the way, you may spot some of the local inhabitants: bears, (black or grizzly), moose, marmots, deer, wolves, mountain goats, and California Big Horn Sheep. Bring your camera to capture it all!

You will spend your nights in fully serviced backcountry camps, where you will enjoy thoughtful meals and some creature comforts.


All nights are spent in well equipped, fully serviced backcountry camps.

All camps (except for Eldorado Cabin) have 5 double occupancy canvas walled tents. Each tent is equipped with two single bed frames, mattresses, pillows, and sleeping bags for each person.

Camp facilities (available at all locations) include:
• Filtered water to fill your hydration packs and bottles.
• Fleece jackets to help keep you warm in the evenings.
• Crocs footwear to wear while in and around camp.
• Outdoor hot showers with soap.
• An outdoor pit toilet that is basic in nature but fully stocked
• The opportunity to dry out wet clothes and/or shoes, and keep warm, with a wood fired stove

Charging capabilities for emergencies only – if guests need to charge phone/cameras, they must bring a portable charger or spare battery.

Eldorado Camp & Cabin
The highest of our camps (at 7,000ft ) nestled in sub-alpine terrain & built for summer and winter use. The charming cabin boasts a wood fired sauna to help relax tired muscles.  It has a small private room at the back with 3 single beds (2 bunk) plus 3 other single beds set up the same way. Above is a loft that can sleep up to 3 more people. There is a wood stove, a kitchen with a gas range, and a table. Facilities include shared outdoor showers and outhouses.

Spruce Camp & Cabin
Conveniently located near the shores of Spruce lake and at the crossroads of many mountain routes in the South Chilcotin, Spruce camp is our most complete and visited backcountry accommodation. Outfitted with hot showers, solar power, running water and a complete kitchen that can easily be stocked via float plane or horse pack, Spruce Camp is a true place to rest, re-charge and enjoy some creature comforts before hitting the trail again.
Guests sleep in one of our 5 safari style tents (2 single beds in each tent) on comfortable inflatable sleeping pads. There is an indoor shower with hot water in the cabin. The only toilet is one rustic outhouse located off to the side of the cabin. Outside the cabin is a long picnic table next to a fire pit. There is also a tack hut for the horse supplies.
You can take advantage of our 3 fishing boats to head out onto the lake for some of the best fishing in the park. There are a few fishing rods that can be used but if people are there to fish specifically we suggest they bring their own fishing gear. We also have stand up paddle boards for use at Spruce Camp. Please, inquire about rates.

Bear Paw Camp & Cabin
Bear Paw Camp is set deep in the heart of the mountains in a tranquil and historic location that has beckoned both people and animals for generations. Historically used as the idyllic hunting and exploration camp, Bear Paw has been restored to now be the core resting grounds for mountain explorers who are looking to get deep into the wilderness. Serviced only by horses, often making a two day journey to deliver supplies, Bear Paw Camp is a true test of logistics as it offers welcomed comfort, service, and a place to call home.

Trigger Camp & Cabin
A true rustic and historic camp placed on the placid shores of Trigger Lake. This camp is rustic, but none-the-less complete with service, warmth and all the promised comfort.

* Before or after the pack trip it is possible to book a night at our wilderness lodge. Please inquire for current rates.

All meals are included from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on the last day.
We pride ourselves on serving hearty, healthy, home-made delicious meals from the comfort of our camp kitchens. Each camp has a fully equipped kitchen where the camp host will prepare the meals. 
This is a peek at some of the menu items you can expect while at our backcountry camps.

Breakfast: Fresh brewed coffee, tea and juice + Oats w/ assorted toppings including maple syrup, brown sugar, dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit compote or Eggs served w/sausage, bacon and potatoes or Pancakes served w/ bacon, fresh fruit, and maple syrup.

Lunch: You prepare your own packed lunch from the supplies provided.

Dinner: Homemade chili and cornbread served with green salad and finished with chocolate decadence for dessert or Lentil curry with rice served with a specialty salad and homemade baked desert or Salmon with lemon dill sauce, roasted potatoes and salad finished with fresh fruit pie
Plenty of food and snacks will be available during the trip, however, you are welcome to bring your preferred snacks. Should you bring your own, remember to never leave them in your tent or backpack unattended. Bears and other animals are a concern and will chew through anything to get to your food.

Special Diets
If you have specific dietary requirements and/or allergies please note on your booking form so your camp hosts are aware of them well in advance and can prepare accordingly.
Food allergies and dietary restrictions are taken seriously as we are a remote location and these could be a health and safety hazard. Our focus is to provide delicious, healthy, balanced meals in a safe and timely manner. As a result, we are typically unable to cater to individual food preferences as this may impact on the whole group’s dining experience. We will cater to allergies that cause medical conditions.

Beer, cider and wine is available when staying in our backcountry camps, if it is pre-ordered at least 14 days in advance. You will be sent an order form at time of booking. You can also bring your own.
Please remember that our backcountry accommodations may be shared with other guests, please be respectful and responsible.


Depending on the trip start date the 5 day / 4-night tour could include either of the following options:
- Four full days of riding (6+hours) and one half day (3 – 5 hours)
- Three full days of riding (6+ hours) and two half days (3 – 5 hours) 

Depending on the trip start date the 4 day / 3-night could include either of the following options:
- Three full days of riding (6+hours) and one half day (3 – 5 hours)
- Two full days of riding (6+ hours) and two half days (3 – 5 hours) 

Riding Level 
The tours are suitable for advanced intermediate to experienced riders who are comfortable travelling for between 5 to 9 hours, leading their horse, hiking sections of trail, and whom have a good level of base fitness.

Some Basic Horsemanship Notes
Your wrangler will go over the details regarding what to do around your horse in full detail.  A few key points to note are to remember to speak and act calmly when around the horses, and when approaching, to do so from the front rather than from the back.

Key points to remember when riding
Be alert to your surroundings.  Be in control of your horse AT ALL TIMES. Use both leg and voice command.  Keep your reins in your hands at all times and never allow too much slack or have your reins too tight.  Be aware of the person in front and behind you. Help relay any messages to the front of the line if necessary.  Watch for low hanging branches and the possibility of coming across an underground wasp nest. If passing other users on the trail be friendly and talk with them as you are passing.  This helps to comfort your horse of the obstruction they are going around.  Watch were you walk around the horses and always make sure they know were you are.  Coming quietly up to a horse may startle them and cause them to kick.  Ask for assistance mounting or dismounting if it is needed.  Being able to get off independently is a necessity if their is an urgent matter to prepare for.  If you are unsure about tying your horse, ask for assistance.  Do not tie to small trees, fences or dead standing trees.  This could cause both you or your horse a serious injury.

Riding Terrain
The terrain of the South Chilcotin Mountains varies from dense treed bush-land and open grasslands to steep rocky mountain passes. Most trails were originally created by cattle and horses and, on average, are 2 feet wide and generally in excellent condition. Depending on weather and usage, some sections of the trails may be muddy, but passable.

Safety & Helmets
Our guides are trained and prepared for first aid situations. Packing and carrying your own first aid kit on rides is optional. If you require specific medical attention, you are required to notify us upon booking to ensure our guides are prepared. Please bring sufficient prescribed medication(s) with you.
We have a limited number of helmets, however we recommend that you bring your own if possible. If you would like to use one of our helmets please let us know the size in advance so that we can arrange one. We do not require adults to wear helmets while on tour with us, but it is recommended.
Children under the age of 14 must wear a helmet.

Child Policy
Although there is no minimum age requirement for children there is a minimum height requirement of 52 inches for any horseback riding tour. Children under the age of 14 must wear a helmet!

During our tours, we venture into remote country and even though there will be an abundance of wildlife, it can be rare to spot them. With proper precautions, it is unlikely any will bother us on our tours.
Certain times of the year there are mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and other bugs. We recommend you bring bug spray or light long sleeve shirts if you have a tendency to attract them.


Sample Itinerary - subject to changes

Please be aware that your day to day movements, trails travelled, and camps visited will be reflective of our gear transport and camp supply requirements. Subsequently there is typically no set-in stone itinerary available pre trip.

You will experience a total of 4 or 5 days of travelling on horseback through a remote wilderness area surrounded by beauty. On average, you can expect your days to be 5 to 9 hours long in duration. You could travel through remote mountain passes and sub alpine meadows, visit glacier fed lakes, and experience historic trails through a variety of terrain.

Depending on the trip start date the 5 day / 4-night tour could include either of the following options:
- Four full days of riding (6+hours) and one half day (3 – 5 hours)
- Three full days of riding (6+ hours) and two half days (3 – 5 hours) 

Depending on the trip start date the 4 day / 3-night could include either of the following options:
- Three full days of riding (6+hours) and one half day (3 – 5 hours)
- Two full days of riding (6+ hours) and two half days (3 – 5 hours) 

Once we arrive at our first days destination your wrangler and cook will start unpacking the horses.  Your wrangler will then bring the horses out to pasture and your cook will get the fires going and dinner on.  Guests are welcome to help either the wrangler or the cook.  There are many things to do when we first get to camp such as setting up bedrolls, getting the fire going, fetching water, starting dinner, unsaddling, unpacking horses, feeding and getting them out to pasture for the evening.

*Ask us about staying at the resort the night before or after your tour

Non-riding activities:
Some days, we have shorter travel days or we could be staying in the same camp more than one night. In that case, you will have time to explore the surrounding area by foot. There are all sorts of daily activities to enjoy apart from riding, including: fishing, wildlife viewing, photography, hiking, and more.

Rates and Dates for South Chilcotin Getaway

Rates include:

Camp Accommodation during tour, All meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on final day, 4 or 5 riding days, GST (tax) & Experienced Wrangler-Guide.
Possible floatplane flight experience between base of operations and the mountains (reflective of horse and camp supply requirements)

Packages and Options

  • SeasonYearDescriptionCan$ ~US$
    20225 Day Backcountry Horseback ExcursionCan$2150$1720
    • Single supplementCan$720$575
  • B
    20224 Day Backcountry Horseback ExcursionCan$1850$1480
    • Single supplement - please inquireCan$540$430
The US Dollar Rate is Based on Exchange Rate of 0.8

GST (VAT): 6% (12% for Canadian Resident)

Rates Note:

Docking fees are subject to change and will not be solidified until the time of booking.

* prices are per person based on double/twin occupancy
    GST (VAT) 6% (12% for Canadian Resident)

Rates Note:

Docking fees are subject to change and will not be solidified until the time of booking.

Transfer and Other Charges:

2022 Pre- or post-tour hotel stay at Wilderness Lodge Resort & Spa (Sunday - Thursday), inquire for rates + 5% tax (dbl occupancy) Can$ 0 $0
2022 Pre- or post-tour hotel stay at Wilderness Lodge Resort & Spa (Friday - Saturday, min. 2 nights), inquire for rates + 5% tax (dbl occupancy) Can$ 0 $0
2022 Extra pack trip day (subject to availability) - please inquire Can$ 0 $0
2022 Transfer from Vancouver by float plane, one way (1 - 5 pax)
This is a "Group Rate"
Can$ 3,240 $2,570
2022 Docking fees for plane (from $50CAD to $175CAD) - Subject change when booking. Can$ 0 $0

Season Seasons  Min / MaxReserve
A 2022 07/01 - 09/30 5d / 4n 5 Day Backcountry Horseback ... 1 /2 Reserve
B 2022 07/01 - 09/30 4d / 3n 4 Day Backcountry Horseback ... 1 /2 Reserve

Dates Note: Any date is possible for groups of 2
Longer or shorter trips can be arranged on request - please inquire.

Rates do not include:

Transfers, Alcoholic Drinks, Gratuities, Docking fees for plane & Accommodation before and after the tour.

Other Info
Meeting: Tyaughton Lake
Airport: Vancouver, BC
Transfer: Pemberton, BC

The ride takes place on the border between the Chilcotin Mountains and the Coast Mountains. During the summer weather is quite dependable, but in the mountains, one needs to be prepared for all conditions, since conditions can change in a very short time. The temperature is substantially cooler in the early morning and evening, so make sure you bring warm layers for when the sun goes down. In the higher alpine areas, please be prepared for snow in the summer. The middle of the day is a great time to swim in the lakes.

May, parts of June, and parts of September can have cool days. 

What To Bring:
Your duffel bag should not exceed 25 pounds (11 kg) per person and packed in a soft, weatherproof bag (please no suitcases or hard framed backpacks.). Preferably all your gear can fit into one bag! 

We do not have secure storage for your belongings in the Resort however many people leave extra gear in their cars. We can store small bags if absolutely necessary however we do not take responsibility for these items.

- Travel documents and voucher
    -Flight ticket
    -Visa (check with your consulate)
- Sleeping Bag Liner and pillow case (Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and pillows provided at camp)
- Packable camp/travel towel
- Light weight packable windproof and waterproof jacket
- Riding pants / jodhpurs
- Footwear for riding (must be sturdy and supportive, not too wide or with grips, should have good ankle support)
- Footwear for around camp (hiking or walking shoes) - Crocs are provided at camp
- Riding helmet (can be supplied- mandatory for riders under 14)
- Riding gloves or cotton gloves for warmth
- Handkerchief (to tie around your neck to help against wind)
- Change of clothes and warm clothes to sleep in (chamois, long sleeve shirt, light pants for camp, extra socks)
- Long underwear (warm ones)
- Camp Towel (light travel towel)
- Personal Toiletries/Medications
- Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
- Hat/Toque for wearing against elements and sleeping
- Day pack. Must be large enough to fit a lunch & your personal items.
- Bear Spray - we recommend at least 1 for 2 people
- Bug Spray - Certain times of the year there are mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies and other bugs. Light long sleeve shirts are also recommended.
- Sunscreen and sunglasses
- Water bottles and/or hydration packs
- Power bank to charge your phone

What kind of clothing should I bring?
Lightweight, quick-drying fabrics such as nylon, fleece and other synthetic materials are preferred. Cotton, especially denim, is not recommended as it retains heat and moisture. During the early morning and evening the temperature cools down significantly, so make sure you have a warm jacket, warm hat, socks and gloves.

Should I bring a daypack?
We recommend that you carry a light, backpack (e.g. a Camelback) that is equipped with a hydration system so that you can access plenty of water during your ride. You will also be required, on some of the longer day rides, to carry your own lunch, snacks, spare parts and equipment specific to you, and possibly wet weather gear. Our tour guides always carry emergency supplies and tools.

Concerning Ladies Hygiene Products...
Ladies should bring feminine hygiene products in plastic zip-lock bags. Please bring extra zip-locks for disposal after use. Please remember, your guides, female or male, have spent many days with groups in the backcountry. They have heard your question before and will always be mindful of your privacy.