Chiricahua Apache Ride

New Mexico USA: (RTNM05)

New Mexico USA
The Gila Wilderness is one of the few places left in the United States where one can still serve witness to untouched nature… On a typical day in the Gila Wilderness, you might very well find a herd of pronghorn grazing on the rich grassland… observe a desert tortoise going about his business the way he has for millions of years… Freezing in your tracks while javelina scurry along a migration trail… Feeling the natural soothing heat of a hot spring flowing into the river…

It’s all here in the Gila Wilderness…Customized guided wilderness adventures expertly designed to concentrate on the surrounding environment, plant and animal identification methods, as well as seasonal foraging techniques. Your pack trip will provide you with an opportunity to experience fundamental techniques and knowledge of outdoor living skills; experiences essential for a safe, minimum impact, leave no trace, active enjoyment of this rugged and vast country.

Chiricahua Apache people believe these lands were set in prefect foundation specifically for the Chiricahua. Chiricahua Apaches were created here and from time immemorial have been present here. Chiricahua Apache predate all other cultures here in the Gila region, others attempted to settle, unsuccessfully. Your trail guide is Apache Joe Saenz, of Chihe'ne (Warm Springs Apache) ancestry, with extensive guiding experience in horseback and backpacking expeditions throughout the American Rocky Mountains, including Canada, Mexico’s Sierra Madre and Alaskan Brooks Range.

The area offers a variety of terrain and trails. Easy gentle trails for the beginning and intermediate riders yet providing ample challenges for the more experienced rider and the adventurer. Ride through open grassy meadows and wandering low canyons. Follow cottonwood lined creeks and dry seasonal arroyos. See ancient pueblo petroglyphs, and stand in "Awe" of the world's largest Alligator Juniper, the "Big Tree". Discuss historical aspects of the Apache, the Pueblo Indians, Buffalo Soldiers, the Miners, and international conflicts, over this sacred, vast and rich land.

Rates include accommodations, meals starting day two, 5 riding days, nature and history guide.


This is a pack trip where most nights are spent camping.

Two nights (first and last night) are spent at a hotel in Silver City and four nights are spent camping.

Accommodation Itinerary - subject to change based on availability
Night 1: Palace Hotel in Silver City
Night 2-5: Camping
Night 6: Palace Hotel in Silver City

Palace Hotel in Silver City
This charming 18-guestrooms hotel is reminiscent of the European hospitality tradition. All rooms have private bathrooms, cable TV and free WIFI access. A continental breakfast is served in the morning and included in the price.

Camping is basic and as close to nature as you can get. Riders sleep directly on the ground under a rain/ fly shelter. There are no washrooms, just pure outdoors (dig a hole in the ground style). You can bathe in the rivers should you wish to freshen up. There is no electricity or WIFI.

Room Occupancy
Single rooms are available at the hotel.

Meals are included for the camping portion of the trip (day 2-6). Breakfast is included at the hotel.

From "gourmet meals" to trail snacks - all food groups are represented. Meats, vegetables, pasta, dairy, fruits, grains, snacks, tea, coffee, honey, butter, and great sandwiches! We eat breakfast and dinner at the camp and lunches area eaten on the trail.

We ask that you do not bring any alcohol since you are riding on private reservation land.

Dietary Restrictions
We can cater to most dietary restrictions given prior notice.

This trip includes and can accommodate special dietary requests.


Your guide is of Chihe´ne (Warm Springs Apache) ancestry  with extensive guiding experience in horseback and backpacking  expeditions, throughout the American Rocky Mountains including Canada, Mexico´s Sierra Madre and Alaskan Brooks Range.

Powwow & Horseback Riding trip
Any tour can be combined with another Native American cultural experience: the visit to a local regional powwow or Native American gathering and ceremony. We offer to visit a powwow in the Southwest with you, which will make this a very unique experience for you, and do a wilderness tour preferably after that powwow. Please, inquire for more information.

Bringing your own tack and horse
We invite you to bring your own tack and horse(s).


Nature provides plentiful variety in the Gila National Forest, in southwest New Mexico. The United States Congress designated the Gila Wilderness in 1964 and it now contains over 3,300,000 acres and is managed by U.S. Forest Service making it the sixth largest National Forest in the continental United States.

Travel on horseback through this rugged countryside, the region and homeland of the Chiricahua Apache, who when pursued, would just dissolve into its landscape, taking routes through these mountains... the trails and routes that we'll retrace.

Discover the raw beauty of Gila's sunrises, sunsets and the endless miles of challenging trails, varied terrain and Gila's ever changing weather.

Participants must be in relative good health. Trips consist of daily intensive riding, and routes are always in a loop to avoid riding same trails. These rides emphasize philosophies of minimal environmental & Leave No Trace impact.

This trip, with its authentic guide, presents Native American historical indigenous perspectives and interpretive services in regards to American western history and to the appreciative relationship of the natural resources of Dzil, which were once preserved and protected by Ndee ancestors. So for your group getaway, an educational journey, your solo wilderness trek, a romantic wilderness escape, or a family reunion, come join us for an experience your heart and senses will never forget!

Rates and Dates for Chiricahua Apache Ride

Rates include:

Accommodations, Most meals (day 2-6) & 5 (optionally more) riding days

Packages and Options

  • SeasonYearDescription US$
    20207 day trip, AP with first and last night in Silver City hotel$1460
A 15% gratuity (usually a minimum of  $150) is to be paid locally to the outfitter - this is not optional.
% (Tip paid Locally)

Tax 1: 6.05 %

Rates Note:

* additional tax on extra hotel night(s) is 13%

* prices are per person based on double/twin occupancy
Gratuity: 15 % (to be paid locally)
Tax: 6.05 %  

Rates Note:

* additional tax on extra hotel night(s) is 13%

Transfer and Other Charges:

2020 Transfer from Silver City to trailhead - each way pp (min of 2) ~
- to be paid locally
2020 Transfer El Paso - Silver City - each way (2 ppl) ~
- to be paid locally
2020 Transfer El Paso - Silver City each way (1 person only) ~
- to be paid locally
2020 Transfer from Silver City to trailhead - each way (1 person only) ~
- to be paid locally
2020 Daily rate, pp $0
2020 First and last night at a Hotel in Silver City included $0
2020 Extra Hotel Night in Silver City (Small room, single bed), per night $75
2020 Extra Hotel Night in Silver City (Standard room, king bed, 1 - 2 pax), per night $100
2020 Extra Hotel Night in Silver City (Suite with two beds, 1 - 2 pax), per night $120

Season Seasons  Min / MaxReserve
A 2020 03/01 - 12/31 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP with first an... 1 /4 Reserve

Dates Note: Available any time on request. Ask about special weeks which includes Native American Cultural Experience (PoW-Wow)

Rates do not include:

Gratuities, Meals at the hotel in Silver City (only breakfast is included) & Transfers
You need to bring your own sleeping bag

Other Info
Meeting: Gila National Forest Trailhead
Airport: El Paso
Transfer: Silver City

                                            Silver City area














Average High Temperature (°F)













Average Low Temperature (°F)













Average High Temperature (°C)













Average Low Temperature (°C)













Average Precipitation (days of rain)













Source: NOAA


Before 'Land of Enchantment' became the official State description, New Mexico was known as ‘The Sunshine State’ because it receives well above the average national levels of sunshine each year. But with a state as large and varied as New Mexico, the climate differs considerably from one place to the next.

Uniquely located to ensure year-round comfortable riding conditions, the Gila Wilderness has the benefit of high-elevation cooling during the summer and southerly warmth during the winter. No matter what time of year - spring, summer, fall or winter - we have the perfect trail for any time of year.

The park has a mild climate, with a rainy season usually from July through August. Temperatures during the day are warm but frost may occur during the night in canyons above 8000 ft. From July to September, thunderstorms are widespread and occur almost daily. Daytime temperatures tend to be relatively mild or warm and nighttime temperatures tend to be relatively cool or cold throughout the year. Average temperatures in the higher elevation, particularly the Mogollon Range, can be cooler, depending on the season.

Spring and Fall have moderate days and cool nights. The most beautiful times of the year in the Gila are spring and late summer. In spring, snowmelt provides enough moisture to initiate new vegetative growth. In late summer, it is warm and the vegetation is still green following the end of summer rainfall season.

Winter months often have nice afternoons with cold mornings and nights. Daytime temperatures can get cold during winter but, in direct sunlight, temperatures may rise to 70 F (21 C). However, temperatures during the night drop significantly. Snow occurs most frequently between December and February. During most winters the lower elevations tend to be free of snow most of the time and when it does snow the melt-off usually occurs within a few days. Normally there is some snow accumulation in the higher elevations and during severe winters, the snow may range up to 10 feet or more in the Mogollon Range. Melt-off usually occurs during late March and April, but snow and ice may hinder travel on upper elevation trails as late as June.

What To Bring:
First and last nights are bed and breakfast meals only.


Please pack light
Only day packs
No duffel bags

* Equipment that we will provide
-Items that can be shared with a partner or group
^ Equipment you have to bring
Highlighted items are mandatory.

* Saddle, should include breast collar and flank cinch
* Saddle pads
* Halter / Bridal & reins
* Rope
* Large saddle pack/saddle bags
* - Curry Brush
* Easy boots
* - Fence pliers
* Feed (small alfalfa pellets/sweet feed)
* Feed Bags (Morels)
* - Horseshoeing Kit: Rasp /Hammer / Clincher /Nails / Horse Shoes

If you use your own stock and tack, our partners reserves the right to evaluate a horse's ability and tack's condition to decide if they can be used on pending ride. Please make sure livestock is properly shod prior to your arrival.

^ Comb
^ Deodorant
- ^ Mirror
^ Tooth brush/Toothpaste (small)
^ Chap Lip ointment
^ Towel (Hand size)
^ Toilet paper roll
^ Lighter / Matches (waterproof)
^ Razor
- ^ Shampoo / Conditioner / Soap (personal size containers, biodegradable)
No Suds in the water . . .

^ Hat / Bandana
^ Jacket/Light Coat/Vest/Sweater
^ Light Leather Gloves/Work Gloves
^ Rain slicker / Poncho / Outback / Australian style slicker
^ Light sturdy boots / Riding boots
^ Belt
^ Jeans or light sturdy wool pants (one pair)
^ Shirt - Long Sleeves
^ T-shirt - 2
^ Thermal top/bottom
^ Shorts / Swim Suits
^ Socks - wool, cotton, two pair
^ Light Campshoes
^ Underwear - 2 sets

* - Tarp 6’ x 8 ‘ or 7’ x 10’
^ Goose Down Sleeping bag (Compressible)
* Sleep wear: pair of socks, T-shirt, shorts
* - Tent / Rain Fly Shelter
* - Rope
- Parachute Cord, 25’-50’
* - Small campstove / Backpacking Stove with small fuel container
* - Dish, Silverware, Cup, Bowl
* Cookware/Pot

^ Sturdy Day Pack with Waist Belt
^ Knife/Lock Blade Knife/Sheath
- ^ Flashlight/Mag Lite
- ^ Extra Batteries
- ^ Water Purifying tablets
- ^ Pump Water Filter
^ Camera / Film
^ Sunblock
^ Travel documents and voucher
^ Passport
^ VISA (check with your consulate)

Food provided by our partners is a variety of healthy and popular types of foods. From gourmet meals to trail snacks, all food groups are represented. Meats, vegetables,
pasta, dairy, fruits, grains, snacks, tea, coffee, honey, butter and great sandwiches.
Please notify us if you are allergic to any foods or substances.

^ Chaps
- ^ Fishing License/Gear (Minimal light)
^ Belt Pouch “Survival Pack”, Compass, Magnesium Bar, Etc.
^ Sunglasses
- ^ Personal First Aid Kit
^ Medications, Vitamins

Be Prepared to even take less . . .
We encourage our clients to contact our tour partner upon arrival to make last minute equipment we have time to acquire or add that equipment to the trip gear.