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Amazon vacations in Peru

Amazon tours in Peru

Peruvian Amazon Basin - Manu Wildlife and Rainforest

Hidden Trails’ Peru Amazon tours are a spectacular way to explore the ecology and wildlife of the Peruvian Amazon.  Travel through the Manu Biosphere Reserve in dugout canoe, or combine an Amazon vacation with horse riding on the Inca Trail.  Peru’s Amazonian jungle is home to thousands of species of birds, mammals and plants, and promises an unforgettable eco-tour holiday.

Hidden Trails have three Peru Amazon tours to choose from. 

The Amazonas Getaway in Tambopata is the perfect Amazon adventure addition to any of our trips around Cusco and Machu Picchu. It is only a short 30 minute flight from Cusco to Port Maldonado and from there we will take you by boat deep into the Amazon jungle - all the way to our research center with the highlight being a visit to the macaw Lick inside the Tambopata National Reserve.
On our Manu Amazon Adventure you discover the greatest diversity of animals and plants in the world.  1000 of the world’s 9700 bird species live here, as well as 200 species of mammal and 15,000 species of plants.

The Macaw Lick Getaway is a fascinating 5 day tour of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, with opportunities to see Macaw and Tabir visiting mineral lick locations.

Manu Biosphere Reserve
The Manu Wildlife Center lodge is strategically located in an area of forest that counts on the highest diversity of micro-habitats in the Manu area. This means that there are more species of animals, birds, reptiles and insects than elsewhere in Manu. Tierra-firme, transitional floodplain, varzea and bamboo forest is found close to the lodge plus willow and cane stands on beaches and river islands, resulting in the highest  bio-diversity in the Manu area.

An astounding 575+ species of birds have been recorded around the lodge. The Blanquillo Macaw and Parrot lick is only 25  minutes away by river and we use  blinds  to get you  close to this amazing wildlife  spectacle, where  up  to 200 Macaws and many  hundreds  of their smaller relatives come to eat clay  essential to their digestion. There are 4 ox-bow lakes in the area and we have floating platforms so that access to the lakes ensures that all lakeside fauna can be readily observed. There are 3 families of the endangered Giant Otters on these lakes and small streams.   About an hours walk through the forest is a large mammal lick where Tapirs, the largest South American land mammal, regularly come for minerals. At night Brocket Deer and other animals share this necessary ingredient to the digestive system. There is a large, raised blind here equipped with mattresses and mosquito nets for those who want to spend the night in comfort observing these nocturnal creatures. During the day several species of small forest Parakeets and Parrotlets as well as Guans, Curassows and Black Spider Monkeys regularly visit the lick.  Canopy access is easy at Manu Wildlife Center. There are also two static canopy platform in large canopy emergent that are accessed by a metal, spiral  stairway that  anyone can use at  any time. It is the only accessible canopy platform of its kind in Peru.

Our fixed departures leave on Thursday(6 days), Thursdays or Saturdays on the 5 days and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the 4 days - between May and October. Should you require a private or customized trip for your group only, we can of course organize a trip to fit your requirements. The trips use a variety of lodges ranging from rustic to very comfortable.

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Amazon holidays in Peru
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