Safaris vacations in Okavango Delta, Botswana

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- Okavango Big Five Safari - 6 days
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Safaris vacations in Botswana, Okavango Delta



Safaris tours in Botswana, Okavango Delta
Okavango Big Five Safari - 6 days

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Meeting: Xudum Camp
Airport:   Maun, Kasane      
Transfer: Maun (charter flight) usually in at 12 noon, return by 1 pm.
Transfers are available from Maun, Kansane, or Xaranna airstrip. Type of transfer dependent on water levels. On your last day, our partner will take you back to Maun airport in time for mid-day flights. ** Transfers to or from Maun should co-ordinate with Air Botswana's flight BP211, BP212 and South African AirLink’s flight SA8300, SA8301.
Level: Fitness Level (Click for legend)    Low Demanding
The terrain offers a wide range of pace with many areas that we can move on, flooded malapos allow for water canters but when game viewing we also move at a leisurely pace. 4 to 6 hrs in the saddle each day
Participants: Min 2 participants Max 8 participants

Riding Ability
Participants all need to master the basic aids, be able to post to the trot for stretches of 10 minutes at a time, be comfortable at all paces and be able to gallop out of trouble. It is a great advantage if you are a fit and a proficient rider.

Pace & Riding Terrain
We spend between 4-6 hours in the saddle a day. This is broken by refreshment stops and a 10-minute walk for every two hours spent in the saddle. This eases up the rider using different muscles, and helps the horse from constant pressure of the rider’s weight.
The Okavango Delta has been described as a water meadow. Palm islands, grassy flood plains, mopane forests and clear streams. Highest water is normally between May to September. Many of the flood plains are full at this time and the horses wade through from island to island.
The going is normally quite good and firm along the edges of the islands allowing the ride to move on at a trot and canter.

Full and part Thoroughbred, Pure Arab, Anglo Arab, Friesian cross, and Botswana Warmbloods (American Saddle bred cross African Boerperd) between 14 and 17 hands. All are well-schooled, responsive and even tempered. There is a wide range of horses (over 50) suitable for all kinds of riders. Every effort is made to match horse and rider.
The horses are chosen with temperament and suitability at the forefront. Many of the horses have either been sourced through close friends in Harare, Zimbabwe or are selected from well-known breeders in South Africa. In recent years, we have carefully selected mares to join our team and using Lamu, an American Saddlebred, we are breeding more of our own horses now.
When not on safari the horses freely graze the grassy molapos of the delta through the day. They graze loose and this truly is one of the amazing sights you will see while on safari with us.

Tack is English Style and South African Trail saddles. Each saddle has a seat saver for comfort. Tack is of high quality and kept in good condition. Saddles are well known makes such as Ideals, Albion, and Symonds. Most horses are in snaffle bridles.

Weight Limit
Maximum weight is 200 lbs (14 ½ stone or 90 kg). Guests may be required to step on the scales. We do not accept riders over that weight.

Group size
The 2 camps can accommodate up to 6 guests each so the rides are normally no larger than a group of 6-8 riders.

We accept children over 12 years of age unless special arrangement is made with the camp for younger children and family groups. In order for a child to ride, we ask for a letter confirming the child's competence from an independent equine professional.

All rides are led by qualified, specialized and/or professional guides and a back up guide. A 375 rifle is carried on all the rides. All camps and vehicles have radio communication and guides ride with hand held radios. A demonstration is given at the beginning of the safari with a talk on how to handle big game situations. Should an accident happen all guests are registered with a helicopter evacuation service which can get you to a hospital within 20 minutes.
A medical kit is kept in the camp.

All rides are lead by qualified, specialized and professional guides as well as a back up guide. A keen interest is taken in birds as well as fauna and flora. Other activities including game drives, Mekoros, walks and power boats are also led by qualified, specialized and/or professional guides.

All guests must have adequate medical and travel insurance to join this trip. Guests must check that there travel insurance covers horse riding. This is often an extra that must be added on.

Passport and Visa Requirements: Passports valid for at least six months required by all nationals referred to in the chart.Not required by all nationals referred to in the chart above for stays of up to 90 days except the following:. more
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Okavango Big Five Safari - 6 days
Tour Code: IT-BORT01-5
6 days / 5 nights ~$5,785.00
Dates: Feb to Dec

Level : Fitness Level
Difficulty Levels Explained
1. Easy
Easy pace and an average-to-sedentary level of fitness. You should be in good health and fit enough for full day of normal sightseeing and walking.
2. Easy to Moderate
An average level of fitness or some experience with the featured activity is recommended.
3. Moderate
Requires you to have performed the featured activity regularly, with some periods on challenging terrain. Activities are mandatory and you may be traveling at high elevations. You need to be in good health and physical condition to enjoy these trips, with adequate muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
4. Demanding
You must be extremely physically fit and are expected to hike or ride four to six hours over steep or more rugged terrain.
5. Strenuous
Prolonged hiking/biking on moderate to difficult terrain (five to nine hours a day).
May include high altitude, rugged terrain etc..
Day to Day Itinerary
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Non Rider itinerary
Airport: Maun, Kasane
Game drives, mokoro trips, guided walks and boat trips down the river for sunset with sundowner drinks.

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