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Safaris vacations in Brazil, Pantanal



Safaris tours in Brazil, Pantanal
Pantaneiro Ride in the Pantanal

Other Info

Meeting: Aquidauana
Airport:   Campo Grande      
Transfer: Transfer from Campo Grande
Transfers from Campo Grande possible by air (1-hour trip / all year round), by vehicle (6-hour trip / only from May to November), or a combination of the two
Level: Fitness Level (Click for legend)    Low Moderate
Moderate, trots and canters. 5 to 6 hrs per day
Participants: Min 5 participants Max 12 participants

Riding Level
You should be confident at walk, trot and canter and open to a different way of riding. Due to the terrain and the cowboy culture of slow riding when working cattle, much of the riding is at a walk with occasional canters. Beginner and novice riders can be accepted as part of private groups.

Riding Tour
The horse is the best way to explore the Pantanal. You will ride an average of 5 hours a day, riding through its open fields, marshes, capões, ridges, streams and bays. You will encounter a rich variety of lush flora and fauna, typical of a region well preserved. There are several tracks with shorter or longer routes, which can be done in both the floods and dry seasons, always with experienced local guides.

Your guide on this trip is Daniel. Daniel is a third generation Pantaneiro cowboy and his Family owns the farm Barra Mansa in the remote and beautiful Rio Negro area of Pantanal. He speaks good English and started guiding when he was 20 years old. He guides for pleasure and likes to tell stories about life in this region.

Cattle Work
During one day, you will be able to accompany the cowboys in their work routine with the cattle. Move the cattle to other parts of the farm (cattle drive), take care of the calves or see the cowboys working at the corral. (* this will happen according to their season work with the cattle) It is also a good opportunity to learn a little bit more about the culture and habits of the people from Pantanal.

Boat Tour on the Rio Negro
You will do one boat tour. This is the best way to get to know the Rio Negro / Black River and the beauty and exuberance of its gallery forest. It is the natural habitat of birds, mammals and reptiles that lie out on river banks or simply hear the songs of the birds. You will also do piranha fishing. The piranha is mainly used to prepare a typical dish of the region, piranha soup. It is also a good way to see the caimans.

Passport and Visa Requirements: Passports valid for at least six months from date of entry required by all nationals referred to in the chart.Passport NoteAll non-Brazillian nationals under 18 years of age, when not accompanied by b. more
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Pantaneiro Ride in the Pantanal
Tour Code: IT-BRRT03
7 days / 6 nights ~$3,310.00
Dates: May- Oct

Level : Fitness Level
Difficulty Levels Explained
1. Easy
Easy pace and an average-to-sedentary level of fitness. You should be in good health and fit enough for full day of normal sightseeing and walking.
2. Easy to Moderate
An average level of fitness or some experience with the featured activity is recommended.
3. Moderate
Requires you to have performed the featured activity regularly, with some periods on challenging terrain. Activities are mandatory and you may be traveling at high elevations. You need to be in good health and physical condition to enjoy these trips, with adequate muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
4. Demanding
You must be extremely physically fit and are expected to hike or ride four to six hours over steep or more rugged terrain.
5. Strenuous
Prolonged hiking/biking on moderate to difficult terrain (five to nine hours a day).
May include high altitude, rugged terrain etc..
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Airport: Campo Grande
Boat Tour, Fishing

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