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MultiSport vacations in USA, Colorado



MultiSport tours in USA, Colorado
Surf and Turf Getaway

What to Bring for Surf and Turf Getaway


___ Swimsuit
___ 2 pr. long
___ 2 pr. shorts
___ 1 heavy long sleeve (cotton is cold when wet) sweater (wool or synthetic)
___ 1 lightweight long sleeve
___ 1 short sleeve
___ 3 T-shirts or tank tops
___ Underwear
___ Long underwear bottoms or biker shorts (to combat saddle sores)
___ Boots for riding (lightweight narrower hiking boots are more versatile)
___ Tennis shoes or something similar for around camp
___ Socks -- 4 or 5 pairs of heavy cotton or wool
___ Bandana
___ Warm parka or jacket
___ Windproof outer jacket (optional)
___ Two piece rain suit (slicker with rain pants) NO PONCHOS PLEASE (essential!)
___ Gloves (for warmth)
___ Hat with brim for sun, hail, and snow protection (must have some form of stampede string if wearing while riding)
___ Wool hat (for warmth)
___ Clothes to wear for two casual evenings out to dinner

RIVER Normally you would wear a swimsuit and nylon or synthetic shorts. You will be provided with a water resistant spray jacket and life jacket. Have a wool or synthetic sweater available and warm wool or synthetic socks to wear with tennis shoes or tevas that can get wet. Polypropylene or fleece is perfect water wear to keep you warm. Do not wear long cotton pants or cotton shorts as they are cold when wet. If the weather is stormy, wetsuits and neoprene bootieswill be provided for you. A semidry storage bag accompanies each raft for storing extra clothing, or clothing can be left in a bag at the take-out.

Other Items:
___ Duffel bag or sea bag (to pack items onto packhorses -- must be soft-sided)
___ Day pack or saddle bags (to carry things during the day- we have some to borrow, but please ask ahead of time)
___ Warm sleeping bag (good at least to 30° F. - we can rent bags if reserved in advance)
___ Foam pad or air mattress (such as a CampRest or ThermoRest)
___ Sunglasses (all glasses must have string/elastic strap)
___ Pocket knife
___ Flashlight
___ Canteen or plastic water bottle

___ Towel & washcloth
___ Biodegradable soap
___ Toothbrush and paste
___ Sun screen
___ Lip balm
___ Mirror
___ Comb
___ Hand lotion
___ Shaving kit
___ Personal medication
___ Insect repellent (few bugs at the ranch but sometimes at the river)

___ Candy, gum or tobacco items
___ Camera and extra film (you may wish to include a disposable waterproof camera for river/rainy days)
___ Note pad, guides & field glasses
___ Cocktail liquor (placed in unbreakable containers)
___ Cash for incidentals, tips, alcohol, etc.
___ Fishing gear (collapsible rod is best)

Pack your gear into your duffel bag and day pack, and a third bag, if you so choose, for the rafting portion of your trip. The maximum weight allowable for your duffel bag is 40 pounds (for the sake of the pack horses.) Your duffel bag will not be available during the day. Your day pack or saddlebags should hold rain gear, water bottle, gloves and other items you will want during the day. Your guide will show you how to best strap it to your saddle. Line the duffel and day bag with a garbage bag or zip lock. Any gear that you do not take on the pack trip but wish to take with you for the rafting portion of your trip, you can leave safely at the Ranch. Pack this gear in a separate bag marked with your name.

We are able to sleeping bags, ground mats, and duffel on request for additional fee ($35US per item). Please inquire.

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Surf and Turf Getaway
Tour Code: RTCO02
6 days / 5 nights ~$1,650.00
Dates: June - Sept.

Trip Rating :
Level : Fitness Level
Difficulty Levels Explained
1. Easy
Easy pace and an average-to-sedentary level of fitness. You should be in good health and fit enough for full day of normal sightseeing and walking.
2. Easy to Moderate
An average level of fitness or some experience with the featured activity is recommended.
3. Moderate
Requires you to have performed the featured activity regularly, with some periods on challenging terrain. Activities are mandatory and you may be traveling at high elevations. You need to be in good health and physical condition to enjoy these trips, with adequate muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
4. Demanding
You must be extremely physically fit and are expected to hike or ride four to six hours over steep or more rugged terrain.
5. Strenuous
Prolonged hiking/biking on moderate to difficult terrain (five to nine hours a day).
May include high altitude, rugged terrain etc..
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Airport: Colorado Springs
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