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Cycling vacations in Italy

Cycling tours in Italy

Soul-stirring cities, world famous art, waist-expanding food and wine – cycle holidays in Italy will captivate you from the word go. The only difficulty you've got is deciding which slice of this gorgeous country to plump for.

Will you take the scenic drive along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, and discover Italian gems like Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento? Bike through the breathtaking Tuscany countryside en route to Pisa or Florence? Or maybe give the cities a miss and make for the golden sands gilding the Tuscany Coast?

Of course, the choices don't end there when it comes to holidays in Italy. We can whisk you off to Venice for a romantic ride through its shimmering canals. Or drop you off at the dreamy beaches belonging to the Venetian Riviera. Or you could go for the opposite – a chill-out holiday on the beach-rich isles of Sicily and Sardinia. Bliss.

If you've been there and done all that, perhaps you're ready to discover a more unspoilt side of Italy. If that's the case, take a look at remote and rugged Basilicata or Puglia, a hidden region almost unknown to tourists.

Our Italian self guided cycle tours encompass some of Italy’s most fascinating regions.  Ride from Veneto to Venice, or Bolzaro to Venice – discovering amazing art and culture along the way.  In Tuscany our Siena to Florence cycle tour takes you through the world famous Tuscan countryside, complete with vineyards, olive groves and farm houses.  Our Castles and Wine and Sassi and Trulli cycle tours introduce you to the charms of Southern Italy.  In southeastern Italy bask in the olive groves and crystal seas on our Across Puglia cycle holiday; or venture across the sea to the Mediterranean island of Sicily for our Sicily South cycle tour. The options are varied.

Guided and self guided cycling tours in Italy

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Cycling holidays in Italy
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