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Hiking vacations in Iceland

Hiking tours in Iceland

The island of contrasts, where heaven and earth meet, and where the Sagas of the Vikings were written, a land of glaciers, erupting volcanoes and the magnificent midnight sun.

Hiking tours in Iceland with Hidden Trails

In Iceland you will find everything you need to make your vacation, conference or incentive successful and memorable. Hotels, conference facilities, support services and modern comforts are as good as anywhere in the rest of Western Europe. There is a multitude of bars and fine restaurants in Reykjavík. What makes Iceland stand out as a venue is its unique natural beauty and absence of pollution. Dramatic volcano and glacier scenery-and conversely, action packed incentives are there waiting to be enjoyed by visitors. Reykjavík, the capital city is next door to nature. Iceland is only about a 3-hour flight from most European cities and 5 hours from the North American Eastern seaboard. From Reykjavík you can fly to many towns and tourist attractions around the country, such as Akureyri, the capital of the north, with its beautiful surrounding scenery, or the Westman Islands.  

Museum in Iceland -- on a hiking tour in Iceland with Hidden Trails
Hidden Trails offers you a number of fully guided hiking and trekking holidays.
An introduction to Iceland - suitable for any hiker - is the sightseeing and hiking holiday in the South if Iceland "Hiking to the Geysirs, Craters & Glaciers of the South", then we venture off into thje Far East of Iceland and hike amongst the "Elves and Trolls". Once of the most amazing hiking tours is our "Laugavegua Trail" - Iceland's most famous trail, known all over the world for its diversity.

Hiking holidays in Iceland
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