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Hiking vacations in Iceland, East and South


Intro to Iceland

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Hiking tours in Iceland, East and South
East Fjords trek

East Fjords trek
East and South Iceland
We will spend our five day hiking trip exploring Iceland's awe-inspiring East Fjords and the hidden gems of Viknaslodir, or the “Deserted Inlets”, in and near the Borgarfjordur Eystri region. There the imposing and colorful mountains meet the ocean creating deep fjords littered with secluded alcoves along magnificent coastlines. Among Icelanders the vicinity of Borgarfjordur is known for its great natural beauty and incredible hiking routes, as well as being untouched by mass-tourism. This isolated region is also considered to be a central province of the elves. In the Alfaborg fortress (Elf-hill) their queen has long resided, governing and watching over her realm. A short walk from the hotel you can find an excellent bird watching facility at Hafnarholmi, by the harbour, where you can get up close to puffins, kittiwakes and other various birds.

Get off-the-beaten-track and escape the city to this charming village in the East of Iceland with only around 100 inhabitants. Enjoy the comfort of returning to your hotel room after a long day of hiking. Relax, visit the local spa or simply just indulge in the beauty surrounding you.

Your visit to Borgarfjordur Eystri will be an unforgettable experience; the amazing views, deep fjords, wildlife, stunning lake, fishing village and its surrounding farms will stay with you for years to come. Don’t forget your camera! 

Tour highlights
  • Víknaslóðir
  • Borgarfjörður Eystri e. Borgafjordur Valley
  • Stóraurð e. Storaurd Hallow
  • Gönguskurð e. Gonguskurd Pass
  • Breiðuvík e. Breiduvik Bay
  • Brúnavík e. Brunavik Bay
  • Puffins and bird watching

Walking Tour
Meeting: Egilsstaðir
Airport:   Keflavik
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East Fjords trek
Tour Code: ZZ-HKIC04
5 days / 4 nights ~$1,585.00
Dates: May to Oct

Level : Fitness Level
Difficulty Levels Explained
1. Easy
Easy pace and an average-to-sedentary level of fitness. You should be in good health and fit enough for full day of normal sightseeing and walking.
2. Easy to Moderate
An average level of fitness or some experience with the featured activity is recommended.
3. Moderate
Requires you to have performed the featured activity regularly, with some periods on challenging terrain. Activities are mandatory and you may be traveling at high elevations. You need to be in good health and physical condition to enjoy these trips, with adequate muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
4. Demanding
You must be extremely physically fit and are expected to hike or ride four to six hours over steep or more rugged terrain.
5. Strenuous
Prolonged hiking/biking on moderate to difficult terrain (five to nine hours a day).
May include high altitude, rugged terrain etc..
Day to Day Itinerary
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Airport: Keflavik
Hiking, bird watching

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