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Cycling vacations in Italy, Veneto


Intro to Italy

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Cycling tours in Italy, Veneto
Cycling through Veneto to Venice

Itinerary for Cycling through Veneto to Venice

Sample Itinerary - subject to changes

Total length: 270/295 km (Possibility to shorten the itinerary by taking the train: day 4 and 7)
Total vertical up: 540 m
Terrain: 85% tarmac, 15% unpaved

The itinerary is completely in the low-lands except for the 1 km slope in Asolo. You will ride on secondary streets with low traffic and paved bike paths.

Note: Due to organizational reasons, weather conditions or provisions issued by local authorities, the itinerary may be subject to some changes before and/or during the holiday.
Along the way you may find temporary deviations (for example road works) which cannot be foreseen; in this case each rider can decide autonomously how to deal with these stretches.

Day 1: Arrival in Vicenza
Individual arrival. A nice and cozy historical city centre characterized by the buildings of the famous architect Andrea Palladio (16th century).
Meals included: none
Overnight in Vicenza

Day 2: Vicenza to Bassano del Grappa
From Vicenza you cycle toward Marostica, famous for its castle and the chessboard in the main square.  The last stop ins Bassano del Grappa with its covered wooden bridge and the "grappa". 
Watch out for the traffic when you cross the provincial road 111 and when you follow the provincial road 248 on a short stretch. There are a few hundred metres on dirt roads before and beyond Marostica.
Biking approx. 40 km (elevation gain: 100 m)
Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Bassano del Grappa

Day 3: Bassano del Grappa to Treviso
You enter Asolo, which presents the only real uphill action of our ride. The downhill run takes you to the land of Prosecco vineyards and on to Maser. The trip ends in Treviso. 
The degree of difficulty is medium because of the hard 1.5 km slope uphill to reach Asolo and because of the total length. The cycle track that runs at the foot of the Montello is sometimes unpaved but in very good condition. Watch out for the traffic along the final part of the stage, between the village of Ponzano Veneto and Treviso.
Biking approx. 60 km (elevation gain: 260-300 m)
Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Treviso

Day 4: Treviso to Mestre/Venice
Leaving Treviso behind you, follow the course of the River Sile up to Casale. At the end of the trip Venice awaits for an evening among canals and narrow streets. 
Today you’ll ride mainly on the cycle path along the Sile river (75% of the whole stage), partially on unpaved surface.
It is possible to shorten the stage by 20 km by taking the train in Quarto d’Altino.
Biking approx. 20-45 km (elevation gain: 100 m)
Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Mestre (possible to stay in Venice with a supplement)

Day 5: Mestre/Venice to Chioggia
Leaving Mestre this morning, you head into Venice pedalling on the 4 km bridge "della Liberta", then to Tronchetto harbour. From here you take a ferry along the canal Giudecca to Lido. This is the most exciting day, pedalling on two narrow islands that divide the sea from the lagoon: the island of Lido, with the ancient hamlet of Malamocco, once capital of the Serenissima Republic, and the island of Pellestrina, with its long wild beaches. 
Today’s stage is divided into two parts. The first part is from Mestre to Tronchetto Island from where by ferry-boat you will sail towards Lido Island along the
Giudecca Canal and you can admire Venice and its famous Piazza San Marco. In Venice, city of canals and bridges, for obvious reasons it is forbidden to cycle. We remind you to use the train if you want to reach Venice from Mestre.
The second part goes from Lido San Niccolò to Chioggia, and here you will find numerous beaches.
Biking approx. 35 km (elevation gain: 0 m)
Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Chioggia

Navigation (24h ACTV ticket included):
- about 35 minutes by ferry-boat from Tronchetto to Lido S.Niccolò;
- about 10 minutes by ferry-boat from Alberoni to S. Maria del Mare;
- about 25 minutes by motorboat from Pellestrina to Chioggia.

Day 6: Chioggia to Padua

You will be pedaling along the two rivers that carried trade in and out of Venice in this area centuries ago; Bacchiglione and Brenta. You continue on to Stra, famous for the majestic Villa Pigani. 
The degree of difficulty is medium because of the total length of the stage. You will cycle about 7 km on dirt roads along the embankment of rivers and canals.
Watch out for the traffic when you leave Chioggia, when you have to cycle on a short stretch along the road “Romea”.
Biking approx. 55 km (elevation gain: 0 m)
Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Padua thermal district

Day 7: Padua to Vicenza
Along the cycle path of the Battaglia Canal you will pass through Padua, home to one of the oldest Italian universities. Worth visiting are the great basilica dedicated to St. Anthony, the historic Caffè Pedrocchi and Prato della Valle, the biggest square in Italy. The Bacchiglione River points the way out of the city and you will reach Costozza, a little town at the foot of the Berici hills. The bike path passes in front of Villa Rotonda, the most famous of the Palladian villas.
The stage is not difficult. The few and short stretches on dirt road are all in very good condition and the arrival into Vicenza is almost all the time on cycle tracks.
It is possible to shorten the stage by 10 km by taking the train from Terme Euganee-Abano-Montegrotto to Padua.
Biking approx. 60 km (elevation gain: 130 m)
Meals included: Breakfast
Overnight in Vicenza

Day 8: Departure
After breakfast, end of service.
At the end of the last cycling day you have to leave the bikes locked with all accessories inside the rear pannier at the last hotel of the tour. Please ask the hotel
staff where to leave the bikes.
If you have rented e-bikes: please put both keys (battery and lock) inside the black case of the battery charger, and leave it inside the pannier.
We remind you that bike rental is not included in case of extra nights.
Meals included: Breakfast

How to shorten the stages
In Italy there is a good train service offering bicycle transport. This low-cost option will allow you to reach the next city in case of rain or bad weather, or if you prefer to visit a city at your own pace instead of cycling. Trains with bicycle compartments are usually regional trains and are indicated with a bicycle symbol on the carriage and also on the timetables displayed at the railway station.
The cost of the ticket for a passenger varies according to the distance covered, whereas for the bike it is always 3.50 € (valid for 24 hours on the entire Italian network). Tickets can be bought directly at the railway station. We remind you that in Italy it is compulsory to validate the ticket before getting on the train.

Most towns of this tour are connected with the train. Please note that not every stage is served by a direct train connection but it could sometimes be necessary to change train.
If you want to shorten the itinerary by taking the train, you can do it on day 4 and 7.

Day 4: Treviso-Mestre
You can shorten the stage from the intermediate station Quarto d’Altino, that is along the railway line Treviso-Mestre.

Day 7: Padua Thermal district-Vicenza
The stage can be shortened either in the first part from the station Terme Euganee-Abano-Montegrotto until Padua, or in the second part with the directtrain from Padua to Vicenza.
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Cycling through Veneto to Venice
Tour Code: ZZ-BK-GL01
8 days / 7 nights ~$0.00
Dates: March to Oct

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