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Baja Sea Kayaking Expeditions

Baja Sea Kayaking Expeditions
Baja Mexico
Excellent & Exclusive Sea Kayak Expeditions...

Loreto to La Paz Expedition  (12-day trip)
Encompassing 65 miles of road-less coastline and offshore islands between Loreto and La Paz on the peninsula's eastern coast, this is Baja's classic sea kayak expedition. This coastline is one of the most remote and sparsely populated areas in all of Baja. There are no villages or towns, and the only access to the occasional fish camp is by sea.

The Sierra Giganta Range plunges into the Sea of Cortez, effectively isolating the area from the rest of the peninsula and creating a stunningly beautiful backdrop the entire trip. We'll make camps on beaches that dot the base of these magnificent mountains. Canyon hikes take us into the desert interior, while kayaking allows an intimate exploration of the many coves and sea caves.

The clear waters of the Sea of Cortez teem with colorful life, and the snorkeling around the shallow reefs and vertical ledges is excellent. We see pods of dolphins, as well as massive whales. You'll paddle past towering volcanic peaks, miles of unexplored beaches and forests of giant cardon cactus. Prehistoric-looking frigate birds circle high above while squadrons of pelicans glide across the glassy water.  

The expedition begins with your arrival in Loreto and after 10 days of paddling you'll arrive at the take-out site near La Paz. We now offer a paddle back from La Paz to Loreto as well.

Experience a challenging 12 day trip with ten-days of sea kayaking along a rugged coastline between Loreto and La Paz. Great for the adventurous paddler desiring to experience a remote area few people see. 

Isla Carmen Circumnavigation (11-day trip)

Baja kayaking in the crown jewel of the Sea of Cortez: Carmen Island. Cliffs of red-hued basalt rising sharply out of the sea and the bold outlines of towering cacti provide the backdrop for paddling sea kayaks 60 miles on this little known, classic 9-day circumnavigation of Baja California’s Isla Carmen, the largest island in Loreto Bay National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). 

While visitors frequent the southern tip of Isla Carmen, the northern part of the island is a place few humans will ever set foot. On this unique paddle, you'll have a chance to snorkel with brilliant king angelfish and lobster, watch plunge-diving blue-footed booties, and search for 60-foot whale sharks – the world’s largest fish.

You'll even find a historic element on this wildlife and nature tour. Mid-way around the island, you'll make a brief stop at Salinas Bay to visit an abandoned 19th century salt mine and coral chapel. A two-day paddle rounding the island’s remote north shore leads to Balandra Bay, where you can hike an arroyo into the island’s desert interior past saguaro-like cardon cactus and wild figs in the company of desert iguanas and big-horned sheep.  From your tented camps in sheltered coves, watch vermillion skies as they illuminate the banded layers of the Sierra de la Giganta range, the plume of a whale lingering in the still air, and leaping manta rays flopping back into the glassy water as guides dish out margaritas and tasty chili rellenos.


Kayaking Trip

Meeting: Loreto
Airport: Loreto
Transfer: Loreto
Riders: Min 7 riders
Max 14 riders

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    Mexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking ExpeditionsMexico-Baja-Baja Sea Kayaking Expeditions
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    Baja Sea Kayaking Expeditions
    Tour Code: ZZ-SKEC-19
    12 days / 11 nights ~$2,350.00
    Dates : March-Apr, Oct-Dec

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