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Horseback riding vacations in Georgia

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Equestrian tours in Georgia

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Our equestrian tours in Georgia

Horseback riding vacations in Georgia

It's extremely easy to love Georgia. Formerly famed as the holiday haunt of the privileged elite of the Soviet Union, today's country is an often overlooked but deeply rewarding travel destination.

A location at the historical crossroads of Europe, Asia, Russia, and the Middle East means it still draws influences from all four, and the end result is a heady one. From its mountain-perched monasteries to its valley-floor vineyards, and from its Turkish-style food to its remarkable capacity for hospitality to strangers, Georgia represents a very special slice of the Caucasus.

Capital city Tbilisi, spread along the banks of the Mktvari River is an enjoyable but sometimes jumbled mix of old and new. Incense-fogged churches and traditional bathhouses share the city with broad avenues and gleaming new towers, while crowning the skyline is a huge statue of 'Mother Georgia'- holding a sword in one hand to ward off enemies, and a goblet of wine in the other to welcome friends. Georgia, incidentally, claims to be the birthplace of wine- viticulture has been practiced here for more than 6,000 years.

Elsewhere in the country, highlights include the remote uplands of Svaneti, the relaxed Black Sea resort of Batumi, the spectacular hiking and horse-trekking trails of Tusheti, and the tangled historical web of second city Kutaisi. Georgia is an endlessly-absorbing destination, a beautiful and beguiling nation made all the more rewarding by its bottomless hospitality and friendly inhabitants.

Horse Riding in Georgia

There is no better way to explore Georgia than on horseback! As this country has many untouched lands, many of its best areas can only be accessed on foot or by horseback. Pristine open meadows are the perfect setting for our fast gallops! Horses are spirited and forward-going, loving the wind blow past just as much as you!

Hidden Trails offers several trips in Georgia, with a stunning blend of culture and nature.

The mountains and villages of Svaneti are set in the beautiful highlands of northwestern Georgia. Here, you can ride from the Upper Svaneti region, making your way down to the lowlands, passing by glaciers and remote villages on the way.

Those who want to explore the Caucasus mountains, can join our Caucasus Ridges Expedition. This 10-day riding adventure crosses 3 different mountain regions, cut off from the rest of the world and inhabited by brave highlanders.
If you want to learn about the lifestyle of Tush people, we suggest joining our Kakheti Horse Drive. This incredible horse drive crosses the Vashlovani and Tusheti National Parks, across fields, vineyards and remote villages.

Georgia Weather and Climate

Georgia can be divided into 2 distinct climate zones. The west of the country, along the coast features a humid Mediterranean climate, while the rest of the country, in the interior benefits from a dryer continental climate. The Caucasus Mountains allow to moderate the climate in the plains.
The mean annual precipitation varies from 300 to 600 mm in eastern Georgia.

- Spring (April to May) is one of the best times to visit because it is usually dry and temperatures start warming up. However, you should keep in mind that nights can still be cold in the mountains.
- Summer (June to August) in Georgia can be hot but there is generally a pleasant breeze in the mountains, preventing it from being unbearable. You should be aware that there are some risk of rain at the beginning of the season.
- Autumn (September & October) is an amazing time to visit as you can still benefit from mild weather a few precipitations. Moreover, the fall colors are splendid in the mountains.
- This riding tour is not offered during winter (November to March) because of the risk of snow.

Holidays on horseback in Georgia

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