Horseback riding in Asia

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Horseback riding vacations in Asia


Rides in Asia


Explore the hidden gems of the Caucasus


Discover Rajasthan on horseback

Sri Lanka

Hidden gem just south of India


From the Steppe to the Hentii Wilderness & the Nadaam


Expedition in the Altai Mountains

Equestrian tours in Asia

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Our equestrian tours in Asia

Horseback riding vacations in Asia

Even on the world's most populous continent it is possible to find stretches of land untouched by humans. Whether you are an eco-tourist seeking out the exotic animals in an Asian forest, searching the Buddha statues of Thailand, or just looking for an Asian destination to relax and unwind, you will find many fine places in this part of the world.

Hidden Trails have horseback vacations in India, Sri LankaMongolia, Georgia, and Siberia  each offering a unique glimpse into local Asian cultures and traditions.  Whether you want to retrace the steps of the Rajput rulers in Rajasthan, live the life of a nomadic tribesman in Siberia or Mongolia, or gallop past beautiful fortresses in Georgia, we have a horse riding vacation to suit!

Expeditions across mountains, world-renowned wilderness ranges and the intrigue of ancient religion combined to create an adventure-friendly tourist destination. From stunning beaches to lush forests, Asia will present you with an exciting horseback experience.

These are horseback riding equestrian holidays you will never forget.

Horse riding vacations in Asia

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