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Horseback riding vacations in Siberia

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Equestrian tours in Siberia

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Horseback riding vacations in Siberia

Siberia is a vast area lying to the east of the Urals shrouded in myth and mystery. While to the foreigner it conjures visions of salt mines, snow and freezing temperatures, the reality could not be further from the myth. Siberia is cold in winter with temperatures plummeting to absurd levels, but the remaining seasons transform this area into one of the most beautiful one could imagine. Late spring - early summer brings a profusion of wild flowers which literally carpet every valley while the temperatures climb into the 20s and 30s. The lush grass provides food for a variety of deer while bear and wolves inhabit the remoter regions. This is the time when we get ready to take you into the vast wilderness of the Altai Mountains - on horseback of course. There is no better way to experience the nature and culture of this far away place, on a horse riding holidays like no other.

Horse Riding in Siberia
On our Altai Mountains Ride autumn turns the trees to amber and the undergrowth to red which is spectacularly beautiful. Although there are many regions to choose from, this is one of our favorites - it is wild, untouched and beautiful.

The Altai (Altay) eco-region covers vast 845,000 square kilometer area at the junction of four countries: Russia (largest part), Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. Novosibirsk, the city through which the Trans-Siberian route goes, is about 600 km far, which is very not far for Siberian scales. The airport for the Hidden Trails Altai Mountains Ride is Barnaul, which has connections from Moscow by air.

Altai is a land where myths and legends are incarnated into reality. It's one of those rare corners on the Earth where Nature decided to show everything it was capable of. Broad and boundless views of steppes, luxuriant varieties of taiga thickets, modest charm of deserts, severe splendor of snowy peaks, laconic beauty of tundra - the diversity of landscapes here is so rich, it is as if you are turning over pages of a geographical atlas!

Add splendid horse riding with some excellent rafting on the Siberian-Chinese river Katune, and you have an unforgettable Siberian horse riding experience.

Siberia Weather and Climate
The best season for traveling in Altai is summer - July, August, and the first half of September. During this time it is warm and sunny in the day, and there are no mosquitoes.


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