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Horseback riding vacations in Sri Lanka

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Horseback riding vacations in Sri Lanka

In the past, Sri Lanka was renowned for its cavalry but since the 1950-60s, mainly for political reasons, horseback riding almost entirely disappeared from the country. However, during the past 20 years, things have begun to change and horseback riding activities are starting to become more popular.
We now offer a beautiful riding holiday across the most beautiful parts of the country.

Horses in Sri Lanka
Before it was colonized, Sri Lanka maintained cavalry regiments for centuries. However, due to the tropical climate, breeding horses was difficult so trade of horses with Pakistan, India and Arabian nations was very common.
During colonial times (16th century), the Dutch, Portuguese and British imported their own horses and created many stables, as horses were essential for their armies. They also imported the sport of horseracing and several racecourses were created all over the country.
Just after its independence, in 1948, horse riding and racing in particular was very popular. However, as political conflicts began to arise, the sport began to be seen as an elite and colonial sport and horse-riding activities almost completely disappeared from the country.
Thankfully, in recent year, it seems like horseback riding is making a comeback. The country’s army even got a new cavalry back in 2013 thanks to a gift from Pakistan.

Sri Lanka Geography and Climate
The island nation of Sri Lanka is found in the Indian Ocean, just South of India. Its climate is strongly influenced by the monsoon winds, bringing luxuriant vegetation to the southern half of the country, while the northern half is mainly dry.
The country mostly stands at low elevation with some rolling hills and small mountains in the south central part of the island.

Holidays on horseback in Sri Lanka

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