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Horseback riding vacations in Jordan

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Equestrian tours in Jordan

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Horseback riding vacations in Jordan

Jordan is a land of romantic associations – from Lawrence of Arabia to the hidden city of Petra.  Hidden Trails offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the treasures of Jordan on a horseback ridingholiday – away from the tourist hordes, in some deeply stunning locations. Whether you bask in the glory of the hidden city of Petra, spend a lazy day bathing in the Dead Sea, or follow in the footsteps of that great equestrian, Lawrence of Arabia, Jordan promises a mystical holiday experience.  Jordan is one of the most welcoming hospitable and countries in the world. You will find the locals eager to talk to you and welcome you into their homes.


Horse Riding in Jordan
The Wadi Rum mirrors a moonscape of ancient valleys and towering, weathered sandstone mountains rising out of the white and pink colored sands. A scene right out of the exploits of Lawrence of Arabia and the authentic setting of the film, the Wadi Rum presents many opportunities for long canters across high plateaus. Traveling along old caravan roads offers an encounter with an altogether different world, complete with possible personal invites from the desert dwelling Bedouins.  

The highlight of this horse-riding trip is a visit to Petra – the Hidden City. Petra, the jewel in the crown of Jordan's antiquities, has been declared by popular ballot one of the 'new' Seven Wonders of the World. The magnificent rock-hewn city of the Nabateans hardly needed further billing (since Jean Louis Burckhardt discovered it in the 19th century, it has been a favorite destination for Europeans) but at sunset on a winter's day, when the rose-pink city catches alight, it's easy to see why it has charmed a new generation of visitors.

Jordan Weather and Climate
Jordan is blessed with a Mediterranean climate for pleasurable year-round travel. Amman is sunny and cloudless from May to early November, with average temperatures around 23° C (73 F). Springtime brings optimal weather, lush with greenery, and autumn is equally mild and pleasant. July and August are hot and dry but not oppressive. Because of the capital city’s elevation, evenings are cool.

Horse riding vacations in Jordan

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