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Horseback riding vacations in Thailand

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Equestrian tours in Thailand

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Horseback riding vacations in Thailand

Thailand is a country of exotic beauty, welcoming people and a tourism infrastructure unlike most other Southeast Asian countries.  Thailand opens visitors with open arms, and you’ll find most Thai people to be welcoming, friendly, and always ready to lend a hand.  Add to that Bangkok’s renowned nightlife, jungle sanctuaries, stunning island getaways like Phuket and Koh Phi Phi, and some of the best cuisine in Asia, and you have a horse riding holiday destination like no other!

Horse Riding in Thailand
Thailand may not jump to mind as a top equestrian country, but nestled in the countryside around 80 miles from Bangkok, you will find our Thailand horse riding destination – the Pattaya Equestrian Retreat. This luscious resort is the top equestrian retreat in Southeast Asia, and boasts excellent horses, rubber plantations, beautiful resort surroundings, a pineapple plantation, eventing course and polo fields. There’s even a golf course and swimming pools to keep you entertained.  Take in the dense jungles, the dazzling beaches, the enchanting culture and retire at the end of the day in a comfortable bed. Trail rides begin at the resort and travel to sites including the Kao Poh Thong temples, traditional villages and the Mabprachan reservoir.

Thailand Culture and Tourism
The best cultures and backgrounds make Thailand an interesting and memorable country to vacation in. More people visit Thailand than any other country in Southeast Asia. This is no surprise as the Royal Kingdom of Thailand has much to offer for the visitor: historic culture, lively arts, beautiful beaches, a good nightlife, friendly and hospitable people and last but not least one of the best cuisines in the world. Travel in Thailand is easy due to a good network of trains, buses and airplanes. Most visitors enter the country via the Southeast Asian travel hub Bangkok, the City of Angels.  From there you can do great daytrips to cities like the former capital Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi, known for the River Kwai bridge. 

Thailand Weather and Climate
There are three distinct seasons in Pattaya.  The warm/dry season (November to February) when temperatures are between 20 and 30 º Celsius.  The Hot/Dry season (February to May) when temperatures ride to 30-40 º Celsius and thunder storms are common.  The Warm/Wet (Monsoon) season (June to October) when there is prolonged rain, and temperatures around 25-35 º Celsius.

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