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Horseback riding vacations in Tibet

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Equestrian tours in Tibet

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Horseback riding vacations in Tibet

A land not often considered for tourism, Tibet offers the adventure traveler an authentic experience of a culture untouched by contemporary life. Travel along an ever changing landscape like the grasslands of the northern Kham, the divide between the Yangtze and Yellow rivers, Bhuddist temples and the foothills of the Anye Machin mountain range. Explore the highlands of Tibet on horseback and learn about lives, land and culture of the Khampa nomads. A true adventure vacation you will not soon forget.
History and politics aside, China is a land of superlatives, encompassing the Yangtze River, the Silk Road, the bamboo forests of the giant panda and misty peaks immortalised in traditional ink paintings. China has 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Chinese food ranks among the world's great cuisines. From acrobatics to martial arts, calligraphy to Chinese opera, the vibrant, distinctive culture of this great land is everywhere to be seen.
Spectacular Tibet (Xihang) has been open to tourists since 1980. Occupied by China since 1950, the Cultural Revolution seriously damaged its cultural identity, yet Tibet's way of life and historically important Buddhism traditions have endured. Now linked by train to the rest of China, Tibet's unique culture faces renewed threats, from hordes of immigrant Han Chinese settlers and tourists.

Horse Riding in Tibet

On the Hidden Trails Tibet horseback riding holiday you will ride back in time to travel with the nomads. Our ride takes you along the great divide between the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.

With our 15 day Highland Expedition ride in the Tibet Highlands, you will get to camp out under the stars as ride around the Gomithang area, staying in outdoor tent camps and a Tibetan family home guesthouse. While riding, you will see countless animals, varying from yaks, to sheep, to other horses as well as the Black tents of Tibetan Nomads. Try living like one of the nomads and enjoy freshly milked yaks milk and yogurt.
Visit untouched Tibetan monasteries to get a look into Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the monks at various small temples throughout the trip. You will also have a chance to visit the nomadic herdsmen.

Tibet Weather and Climate
The weather in June and early July should be mild with day time temperatures between 15ºC to 25ºC falling to 5ºC to 10ºC at night. Mountain storms can occur at any time of year with strong winds and driving rain, so be prepared for all weathers and wear clothing that can be layered.

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