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Horseback riding vacations in Uganda

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Equestrian tours in Uganda

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Horseback riding vacations in Uganda

Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle. In this lush country, one can observe lions prowling the open plains, track chimpanzees through the rainforest undergrowth, then navigate tropical channels teeming with hippos and crocs before setting off into the misty mountains to stare deep into the eyes of a mountain gorilla.

Horse riding Safaris in Uganda

Winston Churchill called Uganda 'the pearl of Africa', presumably basing his opinion on the country's great natural beauty.

Your Uganda horse riding vacation is ideal for a voyage of discovery into the most enthralling continent in the world. 

Our White Nile Explorer is the only horse riding holiday available in Uganda, and gives you the opportunity to view African wildlife, explore jungle paths and bathe with your horses in the Nile. Uganda presents a captivating combination of the wonders of nature, traditional customs and modern attractions.

To most visitors the attraction of Uganda is the chance to experience, at first hand, the sights and sounds often glimpsed on the TV screen; its shimmering lakes and lofty mountains, the mysterious forests and game parks teeming with birds and increasing concentrations of all kinds of wildlife.

Travel to Uganda and see a captivating combination of the wonders of nature, traditional customs and modern attractions. But above all other attractions is the welcome that comes from the heart of Uganda people.

“The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda is a landlocked treasure seated on the world's second largest fresh water body, Lake Victoria.  Bordering Rwanda and Tanzania to the south, Kenya to the east, Sudan to the north and Zaire to the west, Uganda is truly worth a visit. Oral tradition describes several African Kingdoms in the area, most of which are still in existence today. Uganda is filled with magnificent scenery, including snowcapped mountains, thick tropical forests and semi desert areas.

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