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Horseback riding vacations in Costa Rica

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Horseback riding vacations in Costa Rica

Discover the beauty and mystique of Costa Rica on a Hidden Trails horse riding vacation.  Hidden Trails is delighted to introduce several horse riding tours and other adventure trips in Costa Rica. Every adventure tourist must experience the wonders of this beautiful country and enjoy meeting the friendly Ticos, (Costa Ricans) who welcome visitors with open arms and friendly smiles.  Costa Rica is a land gifted with beauty at every turn – from the cloud forests to  the jungle; the golden beaches to volcanoes and waterfalls. A horse riding holiday in Costa Rica is as rewarding as it is exotic.

Horse Riding in Costa Rica

Horse riding vacations in Costa RicaHidden Trails offer a range of horse riding holidays in Costa Rica. 

On the more remote Caribbean Coast we offer a wonderful ride that include beach and jungle riding. The Rustico del Caribe is an inexpensive riding option that can be customized for you.

On the Pacific Coast we have a few options to choose from. The longer Conquistadores Odyssey Ride explores the beaches of the Pacific, the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Lake, and Volcano Arenal and finally the Fortuna Waterfalls. the Wilderness Eco-Safari is a nice alternative for those who want to focus on the local fauna and flora.

Finally, but not least, we have several exciting offers in the northern part of Costa Rica - Guanacaste. The Old Spanish Trail offers some of the finest Criollo horses in Costa Rica. Explore the mountains, the beach and relax at the finca for a few days or extend your trip with an excursion to Arenal. 

The magic and beauty of Costa Rica has so much to offer to the 700,000 visitors who come each year. Nature's Parade includes 11 volcanoes, hot springs to bath in, 13,000 species of plants, more than 2000 species of butterflies, 220 species of reptiles, 1600 species of fish in both fresh water and ocean and 850 species of birds.

Giant leather-back turtles and green sea turtles are just 2 of the species of turtles that come back year after year to lay their eggs. Monkeys, exotic birds, strange mammals and incredible flora are found all throughout the country. From the highland misty cloud forest to the dry forest of the Guanacaste region to the jungles of the Tortugero area, Costa Rica will thrill those who visit this unique country.

The combination of climate, gorgeous beaches and incredible nature, makes this tiny country in Central America an ecological wonderland.  Ride from the mountains through the jungle and on the beach all in one day.

Costa Rica Weather and Climate

Tropical and subtropical; dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November); cooler in highlands. On the Caribbean coast, however, December is by far the wettest month.

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