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Horseback riding vacations in North America

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Equestrian tours in North America

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Our equestrian tours in North America

Horseback riding vacations in North America

From the north of Canada to the south of Mexico, explore the diverse cultural and geographical makeup of North America. While horse riding in Canada, enjoy breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and glacier lakes in the land of mountain lions and black bears. In the USA experience, the Old West as it once was on an American working ranch or wagon ride. Learn the culture of Native Americans on educational trips with Navajo guides. A horseback riding vacation south in Mexico offers sun and sand, restful nights in traditional haciendas, and an excursion along the rugged cliffs of Copper Canyon. Ride and dance in Cuba, or explore Havana on horseback.

These are horseback riding equestrian vacations you will never forget.

Horse riding vacations in North America - USA, Canada, Mexico

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