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Horseback riding vacations in Mexico

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Equestrian tours in Mexico

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Our equestrian tours in Mexico

Horseback riding vacations in Mexico

Mexico makes you feel alive - the colors, the vibrancy, the friendly, welcoming people, the great hospitality, the superb cuisine, the great shopping, thousands of years of history and culture and frankly, the good, old-fashioned values that make a place irresistible and unforgettable.

Mexico is just a short flight away from the USA, and due to its reliable weather, it offers year-round horse riding opportunities!  Mexican horse riding holidays combine the best Mexican culture, landscapes and cuisine with some excellent ranch style rides.  Most of our rides take place on large working ranches, or between haciendas, giving you the opportunity to experience long gallops on un-fenced farmlands.  Mexico is a fantastic choice for any horse riding holiday – especially if you want to experience North- or Central- America without traveling too far from the United States. Forget about the media stories you may hear ... all of these rides are located in perfectly safe parts of Mexico.

Horse Riding in Mexico

Horse riding vacations in MexicoPerhaps nowhere in the American continent, horses have had a life-changing historical role like in Mexico. Reintroduced into North America by Conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1519, Spanish horses played a role in the conquest of the Aztec Empire, and later, in the whole of the Americas. Ever since, equines are part of the culture, history, and peoples’ lives in Mexico. Over the centuries, horse riding developed into the Charros or Mexican cowboys, until reaching the spectacular and colorful horse culture of today, known as the Charreria. Charreria is best displayed in the Charreadas or rodeos, where both men and women or amazon riders, compete to showcase their best horsemanship skills. In 1933, Charreria was recognized as the official national sport in Mexico. In 2016, Charreria was added to the UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The Day of the Charro is celebrated each year on September 14th. Charros owed their status to their horses, and Charros are proud of it. In Mexico, certainly, you will find them as some of the best horsemen in the world.

Hidden Trails has traveled several times across Mexico and found some of the best horse breeding farms anywhere.  We have been able to select the top equestrian trips in North America for you - in Mexico!

Gallop across open grassland, canter through beautiful woods, ride through small villages and at the end of each day relax in one the many superb fincas and haciendas like on the "Colonial Villages & Haciendas Ride. Explore the Land of Tequila in Central Mexico - and ride from hacienda to hacienda, learning more about the Charros.

Of course, center based trip can be just as exciting or as relaxing as you like. Stay at a beautiful ranch, north of Mexico City and design your own riding program to your liking.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find riding in Mexico spectacular.

Mexico Weather and Climate
Summer is the rainy season throughout much of Mexico, with Southern Mexico generally rainier than the north. Mexico's East Coast is wetter than the West Coast.  Winters in Mexico are comparatively dry. The hottest months are generally March – August, and can reach 26º C (79 º F).  The cooler months average around 15 º C (59 º F).    

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