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Equestrian tours in Australia, NSW
Comboyne Plateau and Beach Ride

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Meeting: Kendall
Airport:   Port Macquarie       Train station:   Kendall
Transfer: Pick up: Port Maquarrie at 5:15pm or Kendall train station at 6:15pm Drop off: Kendall in time for 9:00 AM train or Port Maquarrie airport at 11:00 am.    Distance: from Sydney 400 km about 4/12 hrs from Port Macquarie 40 minutes

Pick-up/ drop-off are available from Port Macquarie Airport (PQQ) or the Kendall train station for the weeklong program. Pick-up Port Macquarie Airport around 5:15pm and Kendall train station at 6:15pm. Drop-off at Port Macquarie airport from mid-morning and Kendall train station drop off at 9:00am
Transfers cannot be arrange for the short program. Clients need to make their own way to and from the Lodge.

Tack: English style light weight endurance and general purpose saddles and snaffle bridles
Horses: Australian bred purebred and part bred Arabians, Arab-Quarter crosses.
Pace: average of 4-6 hours in the saddle with some long trots and canters
| Walk | Trot | Canter |
Level: Riding Level (Click for legend) (3.5 to 5 out of 5)    Good Intermediate
Age: Min 15
Weight: Max 180 lbs
Riders: Min 2 riders Max 4 riders
Riding helmets are mandatory for this ride.

Riding Experience
Only capable riders are accepted. Minimum riding level is Good Intermediate. Horse riders must be able to mount / dismount unassisted, have a firm seat and be confident and capable to control a forward going and fit horse at all paces (including long stretches of posting trot and gallops) in varied open terrain. Leading your horse over short distances may sometimes be required. Riders benefit if they are “riding-fit”, because the riding can be quite intense due to hilly forest terrain and pace of ride.
The horse riding tours and trail horses are not suitable for children or inexperienced riders and a reasonable amount of fitness is required for all rides.

Children Policy
Children 15 years and older with strong intermediate riding skills, and who are accompanied by a riding parent, may be able to participate on request.

Tack & Riding Style
Our horses are trained to be ridden on a loose rein in English style. We ride with English Style lightweight endurance or all purpose saddles and use snaffle or bit less bridles. Western Riders must have basic training in English riding and be comfortable in posting to the trot and a two-point canter.
When riding uphill or galloping riders should sit in a raised or 2-point position (similar to when jumping), standing in the stirrups and leaning forward, alleviating the horse’s back.
Downhill slopes are always in walk and riders should sit straight, balanced and slightly standing in stirrups (not leaning back), to alleviate the horse’s back

Riding Terrain
We ride through NSW State Forests, private farm properties, Crown Land and some public rural roads. Most country is undulating to steep terrain with some narrow overgrown rainforest trails. Rides go into remote and isolated areas, with limited mobile phone reception and assistance from third parties not immediately available.

The program includes 5 riding days covering approximately 142 km and spending a total of 21 hours in the saddle.
Riding pace is moderate with long active walks, trotting, canters and fast galloping sections of up to 4 km's. Horse riding pace and tour itineraries are subject to terrain & weather conditions. Each day of riding generally covers 30 to 40 km per day in 4-6 hours riding.

We use well schooled horses, including Arab-Quarter horse crosses, carefully selected and trained for long distance trail riding. Many of the horses were bred specifically for endurance riding and complete endurance rides regularly. We have 6 pure & part-bred Arabian horses (14.2 and 15.3 hands / 145 and 157 cm), 1 Andalusian-Thoroughbred cross (16.2 hands) and 2 Brumbies.
The horses are sure-footed, good-natured and in excellent condition. They are kept in groups on large paddocks on the 60 acres property. The horses' agility, great stamina, adaptability to the Australian climate conditions and excellent people- and work- friendly temperament make them ideal horses for multi-day long distance trail riding through challenging terrain.
The horses' well being and safety is our main concern and riders can be assured that all trail riding horses are maintained and cared for to the highest standards.

Tack is of a very high standard and kept in good condition.
Australian made Endurance saddles: leather (Mackinder) and synthetic (Wintec). Wintec All Purpose and Dressage Saddles.
Snaffle bits, hackamores or bitless bridles/ Natural Horsemanship halters.
Synthetic Endurance breastplates, some with martingale.
Small saddlebag to carry water bottle (supplied), personal items for the day, lunch on some days.
Guests can offer to help with the horses and get their horse ready in the morning, saddle / unsaddle and wash & clean up the horse and tack, if they want (always supervised), but this is by no means compulsory or expected.

Weight Restriction
Due to the pace, duration and hilly terrain of our horse riding tours we have set rider weight limits for each individual horse with an overall weight limit of 80kg -– some exceptions in winter for up to 85 kg (depending on riding ability and height). Rider height–weight ratio is taken into account.

The guide carries a special mobile phone for regional areas (but not with 100% reception), UHF radio for communication with forestry workers and first aid kit.
Riding helmets must be worn at all time while on the horse.

Your Host and Guide
Your trail guide, Kathy, has a diverse equestrian background. She was a successful Dressage rider competing at Advanced level in The Netherlands (she moved to Australia in 2000) and also competed in Show jumping and Cross Country (Eventing). She now enjoys taking her Arabian horses to local endurance rides. Having been on many trail riding holidays and treks throughout Europe and Canada, your trail guide knows what makes a great horse-riding holiday.
Kathy and her team are also responsible for the gourmet side of the business, from cooking breakfast to your request, bringing lunch to the riders in the Australian bush or preparing a sumptuous evening dinner meal or barbecue.
Kathy is fluent in English, German and Dutch.

Passport and Visa Requirements: Valid passport required by all nationals referred to in chart. Required by all nationals referred to in the chart above except: (a) those continuing their journey to a third country (who hold confirma. more