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Horseback riding vacations in Australia

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Equestrian tours in Australia

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Horseback riding vacations in Australia

Australia, with its promise of outback adventure and unending golden beaches, is the perfect location for a horseback riding holiday on Oceania.  Whether you want to relive The Man from Snowy River in the Snowy Mountains or gallop along undisturbed surf beaches, Australia has something for everyone!

Horse riding vacations in Australia

Horse Riding in Australia
Come ride with Hidden Trails in New South Wales. Explore the Snowy Mountains, ride across the Comboyne Plateau, or on the beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coast.  Whatever your preferred Australian experience, we have a horse ride for you.

New South Wales (the State that is home to the largest Aussie city Sydney and the tourist hot spot of Byron Bay) has a number of excellent horseback riding vacations.  Relive your Man From Snowy River fantasies on our Kosciuzsko Park Ride .  Near Port Macquari on the NSW midcoast our Comboyne Plateau Ride combines sandy beach riding with beautiful rainforest tracks and wildlife sightings (including Australia’s famed kangaroo!). 

Australia Culture and Landscape
Vast, diverse and enticing, multicultural Australia revels in a Pacific Rim location that drenches it in sunshine and an affable charisma.

Sydney boasts the finest natural harbour in the world, comprising sandstone headlands, white sandy beaches and endless surf. Melbourne's Victorian grace and easygoing charm belies a dynamic city that hosts the nation's premier sporting and cultural events. Brisbane, the river city, is gateway to the tropical northeast, Adelaide is an impossibly well laid-out city oozing grandeur, while Perth in the West is young, brash and alluring.

Australia may be an island, but it is also the world's largest one, encompassing a range of stunning landscapes, from immense, barren deserts to tropical rainforests and rugged mountains. Due to the isolation from other continents, Australia has an abundance of incredibly unique plant and animal life recognizable by cuddly koalas, bounding kangaroos and ungainly emus.

One of the country's greatest lures is its sense of space. A beach, patch of tropical forest or piece of sandy desert all to yourself is an easy reality. Watersports are ferociously popular, especially surfing. The hulking form of Uluru (Ayers Rock), an impossibly large rock plonked in the middle of Australia that soaks up the reds and oranges of the outback's fiery sun, is Australia's most iconic image. Horse breeding and endurance riding is second nature to most Australians.

Australia Weather and Climate
The New South Wales alpine regions are mild in summer, with highs of around 22 degrees Celsius.  In lower regions (especially in the northern coast area) the tropical temperatures take over, with high in the 30s.

Victoria is known for its cool winters and scorching summers.  The mercury has been known to rise as high as 40 degrees Celsius in the height of summer, but generally hovers around the 30 degree mark. Water restrictions (due to ongoing droughts) are in effect in most of the state year round.

South Australia experiences temperatures between 16 and 35 degrees Celsius during cattle drive season. 

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