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Horseback riding vacations in Middle East
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Equestrian tours in Middle East

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Our equestrian tours in Middle East

Horseback riding vacations in Middle East

Welcome to the Middle East, an area known for its deserts, history and traditions. This extraordinary region lying both geographically and politically between the Far East and the West, is fascinating for its ethnic diversity, colourful bazaars and its incredible blend of modern and ancient worlds. The Middle East is also the birthplace of major religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahai. Almost every country has a Muslim majority except Israel.

Explore the Wadi Rum in Jordan, a vast and silent landscape complete where sandstone mountains tower and the Bedouin way of life still continues. Something very special is our ride in the Sultannate of Oman - a trip into the 1001 Arabian Nights. Whatever your desire, North Africa has a horse riding holiday for you.  New trips are now being offered in Israel exploring Galilee and other historical areas.

Other fascinating destinations are found in North Africa, an area known for its deserts and traditions. On a horseback riding holiday in Morocco, explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis, visit the regal cities of Rabat, Maknes and Fes, the Dead Valley and the holy town of Sidi Ali. Or, head east to Tunisia for a luxurious horseback riding vacation, complete with a sunrise over the Sahara and a gourmet meal in a resort on the Mediterranean. Many horse riders choose Egypt for an exhilarating ride along pyramids of Gizah.

These are horseback riding equestrian tours in Northern Africa you will never forget.

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