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Horseback riding vacations in Belize

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Equestrian tours in Belize

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Our equestrian tours in Belize

Horseback riding vacations in Belize

Covered in unexplored rainforests, Belize is a naturalist's paradise! A beautiful and peaceful country in the heart of the ancient Mayan World - it is an archaeologist's dreamland as well. Belize is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean and has much to offer from unique flora and fauna, to Mayan ruins hidden deep in the jungle. Horseback riding opportunities in Belize combine excellent horseback riding with exquisite jungle trails as well as some amazing resorts and ranches.  Hidden Trails’ Belize horse riding holidays offer a unique and memorable taste of Central America.

Horse Riding in Belize

In Belize, Hidden Trails has selected some of the most diverse equestrian and multi-sport holidays for you.

Our Trailblazer Jungle Ride explores the lush interiors of the Mayan jungle - miles of jungle and riverside trails are awaiting you. Ride along the Belize River, visit Xunantunich, Cahal Pech or Che Chem Ha, or even travel to Tikal in Guatemala. Experience the wonderful country of Belize (official language is English) on our riding holidays in Belize. 

Our Mayan Jungle Ride lets you discover ancient Mayan caves, the stunning Caracol temple and a hidden valley full of giant fruit trees. During this ride, you might also spot some of the local wildlife, including howler monkeys, tapirs and jaguars.

You can also join our multi-sport Island & Jungle Holiday to explore the island of Ambergris Caye and the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea.


Belize History and Culture

The ancient Mayans once lived throughout Belize, and over 600 of their fascinating ancient cities can still be seen here. All of the incredible ancient ruins are worth a visit, from the major site of Altun Ha to the little known site of Uxbenka. The history of the Mayans began around 2500 B.C and they thrived for centuries in the area that is now known as Belize. The oldest site is believed to be Cuello in Orange Walk, built back in the Archaic era. Then came the pre-classic era in which the cities of Lamanai, home to the largest pre-classic structure in the Mayan world, and Cerros prospered. In the classic period, the crowning period for the Mayan civilization, the enormous sites of Caracol and El Pilar rose out of the forest and ceremonial centers like Xunantunich built extravagant temples and pyramids. However, the prosperity of the Mayans didn't last forever, and in 900 A.D. most of the great Mayan centers collapsed. But the culture and outposts of the civilization lived on and cities like Santa Rita and Lamanai were still thriving when the Spanish came in the 16th century. In fact, Lamanai lasted until the 1600s when British sugar cane farmers drove the remaining inhabitants out to make way for their farms.



Belize Weather and Climate

There is a dry season and a rainy season each year in Belize. The dry season is when most tourists visit the country: from December through May. Rainy season lasts from June through November.


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