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Agent Frontsummary

Once we have accepted you as a "Preferred Agent" we will give you an
Agency Number
.  When making reservations, please, refer to this agency number. In return we expect you to promote our trips actively with your clients. Some training with your staff may be necessary to familiarize them with our tours. - It takes 3-4 days to process your request!

Once you are fully registered with us, you can earn commissions of 5 to 15% for all new reservations with us. We do not pay commissions for clients that are already on our database (people that received our brochure or have traveled with us). The commission rate will depend on the volume per year.

1.  For the first 10 reservations 5%
2.  For the 11th to 20th reservations per year up to 10%
3.  over 20 reservations per year ... up to 15%

-- Commissions are paid for payments made by Company check only or we will deduct the credit card processing fees from the commission. Some trips (low margin or Specials) may not be commissionable.

... if you are not registered with us or have never made a reservation with Hidden Trails before, we offer you a $20 "Finders Fee" when you send us your client.

Please, be patient! It takes a few seconds to register this form.
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