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Horseback riding vacations in Honduras

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Equestrian tours in Honduras

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Horseback riding vacations in Honduras

Horse riding vacations in HondurasTourism is one of the youngest and least developed industries in Honduras – which makes it the ideal location for an authentic Central American horse riding holiday.  You will find Honduras unaffected by the usual tourist hordes, but with just as much to offer as other Central American hot spots.  Choose from jungle trails, stunning coastlines, wetlands or national parks, and experience a once in a lifetime Honduras horseback riding holiday!

Horse Riding in Honduras
The authenticity of a Honduran horse riding vacation is one of Honduras’ greatest appeals.  Geographically speaking, Honduras is one of the gateways to the ancient Mayan World and the region known as Mesoamerica. With vast tracts of jungles, coastal lagoons and beautiful beaches, Honduras is a stunning location for horse riding.

On our Honduras Copan to the Caribbean horse riding holiday you can contemplate Honduras' pristine landscapes, visit the national parks and protected areas and discover the incredible biological diversity of tropical nature. Exotic animals inhabit vast rain forests containing hundreds of bird species, and you will find this landscape is best explored on the back of a trusted horse. Let us show you the beauty of Honduras on our equestrian getaways.

Honduras Weather and Climate
The northern Caribbean area and the southern coastal plain have a wet, tropical climate, but the interior is drier and cooler. Temperatures vary with altitude. The coastal lowlands average 31°C (88°F); from 300 to 760 m (1,000 to 2,500 ft) above sea level the average is 29°C (84°F); and above 760 m (2,500 ft) the average temperature is 23°C (73°F).

There are two seasons in Honduras: a rainy period, from May through October, and a dry season, from November through April. Average annual rainfall varies from over 240 cm (95 in) along the northern coast to about 84 cm (33 in) around Tegucigalpa in the south.

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