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Horseback riding vacations in New Zealand

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Equestrian tours in New Zealand

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Horseback riding vacations in New Zealand

New Zealand – Land of the Long White Cloud – is a unique land of breathtaking scenery.  Nestled at the bottom of the world, this diverse country is sub-tropical in the north and sub-arctic in the south. Craggy coastlines, sweeping golden beaches, verdant rainforest, snow-capped alpine mountains, gurgling volcanic pools, fuming active volcanoes, flashing fish-filled rivers and glacier-fed lakes compete for your attention, all beneath a most brilliant blue sky. Pair this with a thriving indigenous culture, bustling cosmopolitan cities, traditional towns and friendly people with a distinct lust for life and you have an outstanding and unusual combination. Our horse riding holidays are a glimpse into the wild, untamed New Zealand, and offer a authentic taste of this unique country.

Horse riding vacations in New Zealand

Horse Riding in New Zealand

Horse riding in New Zealand is a major pastime. It was not that long ago that New Zealand’s colonial forebearers opened the country up for mass settlement from the back of imported British horses. Pony Club and english-style hunts thrive in small towns all over the country, and many large sheep farms (“stations”) still muster their stock on horses. Horse trekking is also a popular activity and one of the best ways to experience New Zealand’s diverse and breathtaking scenery.  We offer horseback vacations and horse riding holidays in both the North and South Island of NZ.

Our Warrior Trail horseback tours both offer a glimpse of the beautiful northern region of the North Island.  This stunning area is a popular tourist destination, with excellent weather, stunning native forests and hundreds of kilometers of undisturbed coastline.  On our horse riding holidays you can gallop along sandy beaches, relax under the shade of a vibrant red Pohutukawa glade, or horse ride along trails once used by local Maori.  Combine the adventure of horse trail riding with unparalleled scenery, old fashioned Kiwi hospitality and mysterious Maori tradition!

New Zealand Geography and Landscape

New Zealand (Aotearoa) is home to unending geographical wonders, including flora and fauna not found anywhere else is the world. The small country offers a varied landscape, and easily within one day on horseback one encounters long sandy beaches, snow-capped volcanoes, rolling mountain ranges, natural hot springs and picturesque fields, complete with herds of grazing sheep. The geographical isolation of New Zealand has allowed many ancient plants and animals to survive and evolve in ways unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Getting around is easy as the country has a modern and efficient transport network, quiet roads, plenty of flights and two stunningly scenic rail journeys. The plant and animal life are also excellent, offering opportunities to see varied birdlife (including kiwis!), seals, dolphins and whales.

The country is perfect for every kind of outdoor activity. Not surprisingly, some of the world's most cutting-edge adventure activities originated in New Zealand, including some of the best horse riding holidays and horseback tours in Oceania.

New Zealand has a world-class tourist infrastructure, and is proud of its clean and green reputation. You will find that tourists are warmly welcomed almost everywhere, with the tourism industry one of the country’s economic back bones. Tourist numbers rocketed around the release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which showcased New Zealand's fantastic scenery to a worldwide audience.

New Zealand Weather and Climate

The North Island enjoys a sub-tropical climate.  In the winter you can even expect highs of around 16 degrees Celsius.  The summer is pleasant, with highs around 25 degrees Celsius. 

The further south you travel, the colder temperatures become – with Queenstown (on the South Island) experiencing cold winter weather, and hot dry summers.

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