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Amazon vacations in Ecuador

Amazon tours in Ecuador

The Amazon or jungle region of Ecuador, located to the east of the Andes, is one of the most accessible and traveler-friendly areas of the upper Amazon basin, the biologically richest area anywhere on earth. There are innumerable varieties of flora, including many of Ecuador's 4,500 species of orchids, and many plants with medicinal value.
Hidden Trails’ Ecuador Amazon Tours explore the wilds of the Amazonian Jungle through a combination of guided canoe and hiking tours.
The Altos Amazon Lodge is easily accessible from Quito and is situated at the edge of the Amazon basin. The La Selva  and Kapawi jungle lodges offer Amazon vacations in the heart of the Amazon jungle, 2 hours by canoe from Coca or Shell.  These excellent boutique lodges offer wildlife sightings, hammocks, lake swimming and fishing, wildlife hikes, canoeing and bird watching. You can also visit the Butterfly Breeding Farm nearby.
Our Canoeing in Cuyabeno Amazon tour is a canoe exploration of the Amazon, which avoids motorized canoes wherever possible so you can truly immerse yourself in the Amazon environment, without motor noise.  Let your indigenous guide teach you about the Amazon, and the colorful inhabitants of the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve.

Wildlife such as butterflies, bats, monkeys, sloths, parrots, macaws, river dolphins and caimans are all relatively easy to view. The Ecuadorian Amazon offers a wide range of activities including swimming, canoe journeys, rain forest walks, bird watching, animal spotting and visits to local jungle communities.

The Amazon accounts for little more than 5% of the total population but here there are small communities of Indians such as the Huaorani, Cofan, Shuar, and Siona-Secoya who live in jungle villages and carry on with many of their ancient traditions. The Amazon also has some of the finest white water rafting routes in the country.

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Amazon holidays in Ecuador
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