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Our Pack Trips equestrian tours

Wilderness Pack Trips
- with pack horse support -

Wilderness Pack Trips 

Experience the most beautiful wilderness and back country sites like Yellowstone, Banff, Tsylos, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Rocky Mountains or the glaciers and deserts of Chile, on a wilderness pack trip. On a pack horseback riding trip your supplies and luggage are transported by pack horse, not vehicle. Wilderness pack trips are often slower than vehicle-supported trips, but you have the opportunity to get completely off the beaten track, on a wilderness trip away from civilization.

The wranglers on our selected wilderness pack trip rides will take you into some of the most breathtaking back-country away from the tourists and share their local knowledge with you, making it a marvelous experience. Overnights are usually in tents. Equipment is transported by pack horses - riding pace is usually slower, but you will see some of the most pristine wilderness areas on earth.

Pack Trips horseback riding holidays.
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