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Our Over 210 lbs equestrian tours

Riding holidays for riders over 210 lbs

Most of our horseback riding holidays have a weight restriction of maximum 185 to 210 lbs (95 kilograms). Of course it also depends on the riding abilities of the individual rider - so please only take this as a general guideline.

Most working ranches, cattle drives, pack trips, covered wagon rides and guest ranches in the USA will be able to accommodate riders up to 250 lbs, but this is not the case for most inn to inn riding tours, faster paced wilderness rides or horse drives.

In Canada all rides are fine except the Gaspe Peninsula rides in Quebec.

All rides in Ireland and England will be OK as well, since they are using very sturdy Irish Sporthorses or Welsh Cobbs.

Also all rides in Iceland and Norway are OK to book up to 250 lbs due to the unique body structure of the Icelandic horses.

Most rides in Germany and most in Austria are fine. Many other rides use a smaller or more fragile horse breeds and will (as a general rule) not accept any riders over 210 lbs.

Here is a list of rides that will be able to accommodate riders over 210 pounds (95 kg). Some of our trips have one or two horses available that can carry a heavier rider, but they may not always be available. In some cases our guides will take along a space horse to switch with - some additional cost may be involved for this.

Over 210 lbs horseback riding holidays.
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