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January 2010 Newsletter

Happy New Year 2010

Excellent start into the New Year:
What a first few weeks into 2010. It looks like the economy is picking up dramatically in 2010. The bookings have been flooding in and we are excited about what 2010 will bring.
Of course we also hav
e been busy with our other projects. Our website is being improved every week - making it easier for you to navigate, to find more details and to create your own online brochure.

Online Brochure
Check it out - it pretty cool. While you are looking at one of the tours - just click on "Add to Brochure".  It will save the trip to a "printing cart".  Once you have all the trips you want to include in your brochure, just click on "Click here to print brochure".  This will bring you to the final stage. At this time you can still add more trips if you like by selecting them from a list of trips - just click on "Add more Tours"  -- or just go ahead and finish by clicking on "Generate Brochure". You can include images, or just plain text (faster) and it will give you all the details with rates and dates for 2010. The brochure will be in a PDF format that you can safe to your computer for printing and viewing.


2010 Brochure
We have decided to go ahead and print another full brochure in 2010. It should be available by March 2010. It will again feature most of our equestrian trips, but will not have exact rates and dates anymore ... these are always available on our website.  It will be more of an "Equestrian Vacation Book"  with close to 200 pages. There will be a charge of $5.95 (fully refundable with a reservation with us) + shipping cost. We will set up pre-registration by mid February.

Travel Story Contest 2010
Write a travel story (Hidden Trails trips only) or an equestrian related story and if we publish it - you will receive a $50 credit towards your next trip with Hidden Trails. Just send it in by e-mail.

Exciting new trips in 2010:

We recently added a few new exciting trip to our program - a full list can be found on our website at:
Here are some that I would like to introduce to you:


In the footsteps of D'Artagnon   Southwest, France
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,945    Dates : May to Oct
The south-western region of Gers in the Aquitaine, with its a mild climate, offers beautiful riding country with narrow valleys separated by leafy wooded hillsides where altitudes vary from 70 to 300 meters - just 60 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The local traditional cuisine is one of the finest in France with its “foie gras, magret, garbure, poule au pot, and palombe” all washed down with...

Coast to Coast Trail in Sicily     Sicily, Italy
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $2,925    Dates : May to Oct
As you ride your horse across the beautiful Sicilian landscape and the wind rustles through the forest, you catch sight of winding rivers and perhaps a glimpse of a herd of wild boars that roam undisturbed through these lands. Along the winding paths fruit trees grow, giving riders a chance for a snack along the way.

On Etruscan Trails in Tuscany    Tuscany, Italy
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $2,025   Dates : April to Oct
These new trails explore the ancient paths of the Etruscans. Who are the Etruscans? They were the early inhabitants of Italy - way before the Roman empire. It is a civilization often overlooked, but of enormous important in the region. Etruscan settlements were frequently built on a hill—the steeper the better—and surrounded by thick walls. Many of the water systems later on contributed to the Romans actually originated with the Etruscans - a very ingenious culture. Nobody really knows where they originally came from, but many believe they are from Asia Minor - largely of what is today Turkey. When exploring the regions of Italy we come across remnants of fortresses on hill-tops, old settlements and trading roads all the way from Naples to Venice, but none of the regions have more visible evidence of the Etruscan culture than parts of Tuscany. So let us explore and relive this mysterious people's history that date back maybe as far as the 11th century with its main expansion in the 6th century B.C.

Great Namibian Desert Trail    Namibia, Namibia
11 days / 10 nights, regular rate $3,750   Dates : April to Oct
Crossing the oldest desert in the world on horseback is an experience of central Namibia’s spectacularly fascinating contrasts: from Khomas Hochland Mountains and escarpment to the Kuiseb Canyon, Tinkas, Tumas and Welwitschia plains, Moon Valley, seasonal Swakop River, coastal dunes and Atlantic Ocean. An experience of a lifetime!
Explore unique and spectacular desert landscapes on super fit and responsive horses. These are true adventures not for the faint-hearted. This is one of the most challenging rides - crossing the desert from inland near to Windhoek and finishing on the coast at Swakopmund.

Deluxe Mountain Trek to Hanmer Springs   South Island, New Zealand
7 days / 6 nights, regular rate $2,380  Dates : Nov to May
Given today's fast paced world, many people search for places with a slower and more relaxed approach to life, especially when it comes to holidays. It was exactly for such seekers that we are introducing this new progressive riding tour to our clients. Situated in New Zealand, 85 miles north of Christchurch, in a remote river valley at the foot of two mountain ranges, we offer a taste of the carefree life in spectacular surroundings. There are no noisy distractions, crowds or deadlines to meet here. Instead, forgotten pleasures such as big skies and wide-open spaces, crisp clean mountain air, lively conversations enjoyed in deep armchairs in front of open fires, and warm hospitality for small, intimate groups abound.

Special Offers:
as always we have a special page for "Special Offers" - there are some excellent deals available if you act quickly ... they will not last.
Have a look at: http://www.hiddentrails.com/tripfinder/specials.aspx


Getting ready for your trip:

To ensure that you are in the best possible shape for your vacation, Hidden Trails has partnered with Fit for Trips to offer fitness programs crafted specifically for your itinerary. Regardless of your fitness level, ‘Fit for Trips’ easy to use step-by-step fitness programs will help you make the most out of the trip that you have booked or just to get in shape anyways. Have a look – there are some really good options and as a Hidden Trails customer you will get an automatic 8% off when you mention this Newsletter from Hidden Trails:  http://www.hiddentrails.com/article/trip_preparation.aspx


Media Center:
Our new Media Center is a great place to brose though our trips with an emphasis on

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Your can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter .. or stay in touch with the latest updates and subscribe to our RSS Feed.

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