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January 2012 Newsletter

A promising New Year                                                   view on our Blog

We have had a tremendous start into the new year with record setting reservations. The staff has been very busy in the last few weeks and we look forward to a great 2012

 January  2011 Newsletter   
On horseback in France - Palace of Versailles
Now that the holiday season is over, all of our focus is on the upcoming summer season ... but halt -- we are still in the middle of Winter!  So if you are getting tired of the cold and misery of the current weather ...  think about getting away for a week !  Maybe Mexico, Ecuador or Chile !!?  There are some great rides waiting for you with warm sunny days and perfect riding conditions.
Prefer to save your holidays for the summer ... make sure not to book too late .. several trips are already starting to be full.
But I am sure we can still find the perfect riding holiday for you - just give us a call, send an e-mail or use our online Chat - one of our staff members will be happy to guide you to the right trip.
As always we strive to offer the widest selection of trips all over the world at the most competive rates. We continuously work on making the search for your perfect trip as easy as possible and improve the reservation process for you. 

For 2012 we have many new trips available, which you can view on our "NEW TRIPS for 2012" page, or if you are looking for the best deal - we created a specail "BEST DEALS" page for you.
As you know we collect trip reports from our clients, so you can have a look at the best rides on the "Best Top Trips" page.
Last, but not Least .. do not forget to check out our page with all the upcoming "Special Offers".
For all of you that are on Facebook - an easy way to follow us with new Specail Offers, new Slide Shows or Videos ... become a fan of our "Facebook Page" - we already have over to 12.000 followers!
Recently added Rides
As you probably have noticed - we have been very busy in finding New and Exciting trips for you.  We are especially excited about our new rides in France and Spain ....

New Rides in France:
Bordeaux Wine & Castles Trails 
Bordeaux, France
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,960
Dates : March to October
Exceptional horseback riding tours to discover the great wines of Bordeaux, the world’s most famous vineyards. You will ride through prestigious wine country. These are Médoc, Côtes de Blaye, Côtes de Bourg, Fronsac, Lalande de Pomerol, St Emilion, l’Entre deux mers, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Graves and Sauternes.

Renaissance Castles of the Loire 
Loire, France
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,960
Dates : June to September
The Loire is the longest river in France and its banks are lined with beautiful forestland and handsome vineyards. Immersed in the landscape of beauty and nobility, the more you will come to understand why French aristocracy once flourished here and built their magnificent castles.

Ile-de-France Ride to Versailles 
Il-de-France, France
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $2,090
Dates : July and August

An amazing horse trip in Ile de France through the destinies of Louis 14th (the Sun King) and his finance minister Nicolas Fouquet. From the Vaux le Vicomte castle to the Palace of Versailles

Perigord Noir Trails 
Dordogne, France
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,960
March/April & Sept/Oct
Enjoy our new horseback trips which take you through the beautiful  Périgord region! The Périgord, which corresponds roughly to the current Dordogne département, is for many people the picture-perfect image of the French countryside

Auvergne Chateau Equestrian Escape 
Auvergne, France
6 days / 5 nights, regular rate $1,650
Dates : March to December 
This charming French Castle sits secluded in the bucolic countryside of Auvergne - aside the lush green forest of Tronçais. It is a most dignified mansion whose history dates back to 1836, when it was built by the Count Eugène de la Roche amidst the endless acres of parkland and beside the old ruins of the original, ancient castle, known as Château du Mont.

New Rides in Spain:
Bandalero Trail - Volcanoes, Mountains & Canyons 
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,595
Dates : May to Nov
The horse riding adventure "Bandalero Trail" is based on the biography of the famous "Bandalero" Joan Sala Serrallonga, the Catalonian Robin Hood. In north-east Spain, the bandit Serrallonga wandered around the mountains of Guilleries and Garrotxa during the 17th century.

Ride and Swim in Catalonia 
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,545
Dates : May to Nov
A Special trail from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea with daily opportunities to swim in fresh water lakes, rivers and finally in the salt water sea. On one day we can even swim with our horses.

Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostella 
Galicia, Spain
7 days / 6 nights, regular rate $2,215
Dates : April to Oct
For a great many reasons, the Route of Santiago de Compostela is a special case within the context of Spanish heritage. It is an historic road which is partially comprised of ancient routes used in previous periods (mostly pre-Roman and Roman) and which has remained in use for over 1200 years, naturally with periods of splendour and decadence.

Costa Rica:
Caribbean Border Trail Adventure 
Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica
6 days / 5 nights, regular rate $1,095
Dates : Available all Year
This is a unique adventure trail along the Caribbean Coast all the way to where you can see Panama. It is a trip designed for people that are looking for a bit of an adventure and are interest in the "other side" of Costa Rica and its alternative lifestyle "off the grid". Beaches, Jungle, Wildlife, some of the best seafood and most delicious organic meals in the country await you. Costa Rica.

Deluxe Buenos Aires Equestrian Escape 
Buenos Aires, Argentina
3 days / 2 nights, regular rate $375
Dates : Available all Year
Discover a heavenly place, friendly and bucolic, perfect for those who love nature and beauty… Live the life of an Argentine aristocrat at this restored Norman-Tudor mansion just 45 minutes from buzzing Buenos Aires. Spend the days exploring the 180 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens on a guided walk, in a carriage or on horseback








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France-Bordeaux-Bordeaux Wine & Castles Trails
-- Bordeaux Wine Country Trail

France-Loire-Renaissance Castles of the Loire
-- Renaissance Castles Ride

France-Il-de-France-Ile-de-France Ride to Versailles
-- Palace of Versailles Ride

France-Dordogne-Perigord Noir Trails
-- Perigord Noir Ride

France-Auvergne-Auvergne Chateau Equestrian Escape
-- Auvergne Chateau Ride

Spain-Catalonia-Bandalero Trail - Volcanoes, Mountains & Canyons
-- Bandalero Ride

Spain-Catalonia-Ride and Swim in Catalonia
-- Ride and Swim in Catalonia

Spain-Galicia-Pilgrimage Route to Santiago de Compostella
-- Pilgrimage Route to Santiago

Costa Rica-Caribbean Coast-Caribbean Border Trail Adventure
-- Pilgrimage Route to Santiago

Argentina-Buenos Aires-Deluxe Buenos Aires Equestrian Escape
-- Bandalero Ride

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