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Horseback riding vacations in Argentina

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Equestrian tours in Argentina

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Our equestrian tours in Argentina

Horseback riding vacations in Argentina

Horse riding vacations in Argentina

Argentina is the second largest country in South America. Sprawling geographically, from sub-tropical in the north to almost subarctic in the southern tip. The western side of Argentina is separated from Chile by the stunning Andes Mountain range - the variety is perfect for a horse riding holiday!

Horse Riding in Argentina
Hidden Trails has a large collection of excellent Argentinean horse riding holidays available – covering many different regions of Argentina.  Close to Buenos Aires you will horseback riding tours specializing in the great equestrian national pastime – Polo! The Cordoba region horse riding holidays offers Estancia style ranches, and wide-open spaces for exploration and cattle wrangling.  In Salta, you can join an authentic cattle drive and learn about the hardworking and fully-rewarding lifestyle of a gaucho. In the Corrientes we have more historic Estancia horseback vacations, with the vast grassland of this area perfect for long canters and gallops.  Northern Patagonia is home to the most stunning National Parks and some unforgettable Andean horseback tour crossings into Chile. Southern Patagonia on the other hand is famous for its coastal National Parks and impressive glaciers.

About Argentina
There is more to Argentina than polo and the tango! Vast plains and deserts, glistening lakes, thundering glaciers and the greatest waterfalls on Earth, all make Argentina a destination with immense potential for horseback riding.

You will be hard pressed to go anywhere in Argentina without seeing someone carrying a "mate" (wooden cup) and "bombilla" (metal straw) with "yerba mate" drink (a local herbal tea) in one hand and a vacuum flask (Thermos) slung over their shoulder, ready to top up their mate when empty.  Another strange obsession with the Argentine people is their love of ice cream.  Locally made ice cream of great quality can be found all over the country in a variety of flavors.  Remember to try dulce de leche (caramelized milk) flavored ice cream.  You can also get dulce de leche spread to have on your toast.  A must try.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is one of the most European cities in South America. It is a very stylish city with many interesting buildings from the nineteenth century. It is also known as the South American Paris for its architecture and style.  Don't miss the neighborhood of San Telmo - a run-down but appealing area halfway between midtown and the south end of the city, comparable to New York's Greenwich Village. Cobblestone streets here are rich with early 19th-century colonial architecture and mansions once inhabited by upper-class Spaniards.  If you are looking for some entertainment, Buenos Aires is your best choice. With many discos, a casino, and plenty of bars the night has no end in Buenos Aires. There are countless things to see and do in this passionate city including San Telmo, Ricoletta, el Teatro Colon, La Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo.

Opera Pampa - Horse Opera
The horse has been an important part of Argentina's history and culture and the inseparable partner of the gaucho - the inhabitant of the Pampa.  Accordingly, this show, through the combination of amazing artistic expressions, presents memorable scenes depicting the traditions, the music, the dances, the culture, the dexterity of the Argentine horsemen, and the powerful beauty of their horses. Opera Pampa is dynamic and uninterrupted succession of fascinating scenes portraying different historical times and memorable events in the history of the Americas and mainly in history of Argentina. The show integrates different artistic expressions: folklore dances, musicians, singers, equestrian displays, fixed and moving stages, live and pre-recorded music and songs, and light and sound effects, among others.

Tango Shows
No doubt one of the great attractions of Buenos Aires is the dance which made it famous: The Argentinean Tango.  Buenos Aires IS tango and you won’t want to miss its charm and sensuality. Either if you want to learn to dance it or if you wish to enjoy the best tango-shows in all the world, Meet Buenos Aires can give you the best tango-tour imaginable.

Argentina Climate and Weather
Argentina is subject to a variety of climates. The climate is predominantly temperate with extremes ranging from subtropical in the north to subpolar in the far south. The north of the country is characterized by very hot, humid summers with mild drier winters. Central Argentina has hot summers with thunderstorms and cool winters. The southern regions have warm summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall, especially in mountainous zones.

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