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Horseback riding vacations in Colombia

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Equestrian tours in Colombia

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Our equestrian tours in Colombia

Horseback riding vacations in Colombia

Colombia is a diverse country with five exciting regions: the Andes, Caribbean, Pacific, Orinoquia, and the Amazon.

The Andes mountain range is shared with Ecuador and Venezuela - covering all three cordilleras, this region is the most densely populated not only because of it's moderate climate that provides pleasant living conditions but also for its beautiful geography. Here we offer our Colonial Colombia Getaway Ride which is in a private natural reserve covering over 7,400 hectares of tropical dry forest and hosts over 150 species of birds and other wild animals. El Triunfo Natural Reserve Ride  is also available to book.
You can also choose to ride around the beautiful colonial city of Villa de Leyva. This region is rich in both history and natural treasures and is conveniently located just 3 hours drive North of Bogota.
Ride through the beautiful landscapes surrounded by majestic trees and unforgettable paths. With very few areas left in the world offering such vast and untouched wilderness this will be an experience you don't want to forget!

The Caribbean region is full of rivers and hidden streams, swamps and channels, and spring fed marshlands. The climate in this region is hot, suitable for banana plantations, countless small farms, and in higher places cattle ranches.

The humid Pacific region has one of the heaviest rainfall climates in the world! Very few Colombians reside in this region. Most of the territory of the Pacific region is very wild and untouched. We don't yet have any rides in this region but it's a great place to explore and see wildlife and a great variety of species of plants and animals.

In the flatlands of Colombia is where you'll find the Eastern Plains, more commonly called Orinoquia. In this region we offer three trips for different experiences: Casanare Cattle Drive for a real authentic Colombia Cowboy experience, and two rides for a mix of riding and seeing wild life and many species of birds while learning the llanera culture: Casanare Trail Ride and the Orinoquia Natural Reserve Ride.

Colombia is the country with the second-highest biodiversity in the world. It has the most orchids and bird species in the world. The Amazon natural region in southern Colombia make up 35% of Colombia's total territory and is mostly covered by tropical rainforest or jungle. At the moment we do not have a riding tour in this region but the trips in Orinoquia offers a great alternative to see more of Colombia's nature and wild life.

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