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During your stay we can organise a clinic of Centered Riding held by the qualified instructor Hilary Bradford.

Centered Riding is a method of teaching and learning riding which addresses how the rider’s mind affects the body, and how both interact with the horse. It stresses good use of the body in horse and rider, making riding more balanced, athletic, and less stressful for both. Centered Riding uses a knowledge of equine and human anatomy, balance and movement along with body awareness methods, the body-mind connection, mental imagery, and techniques from Tai Chi, the Alexander technique, and sport psychology. These techniques, adapted to the needs and desires of each individual, can help riders work in balance and harmony with their horses, to achieve their athletic best, and to make riding a safer, more enjoyable lifelong pastime for all.
Originally developed by Sally Swift, Centered Riding created a new way of expressing the classical principles of riding, answering the question of “how”, when the riding instructor says “what” to help to communicate with your horse.
Centered Riding applies equally to all English and western riding disciplines. It is used by riders of all ages, levels and riding interests, from beginners, pleasure riders and therapeutic riders to trainers, instructors and Olympic competitors, and is taught by Centered Riding instructors around the world.

Hilary Bradford was born in London and has been living and working in Italy for many years. Hilary has been a Centered Riding instructor since 1998, updating in the USA in 2000 and twice in Holland in 2004 and 2006. Hilary supervised the Italian edition of Sally Swift’s best selling book Centered Riding published in Italy in 2003.
Hilary has worked with Wendy Murdoch and Susan Harris, two leading instructors of CR who both have their own internationally recognised teaching methods. In particular with Wendy, Hilary has assisted at numerous clinics in Italy, Switzerland and Holland and has had the opportunity of working with James Connor (Italian Dressage Team) and Roberto Arloldi (Italian Jumping Team). She has worked alongside Linda Tellington-Jones and Edie Jane Eaton at various clinics and uses TTeam (Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method) in her work. Hilary writes every month in Junior for Cavallo Magazine (Italy’s leading equestrian monthly publication). She is a freelance instructor and her pupils vary between professional and amateur riders of all ages and disciplines. She follows her 12 year-old daughter Kate with her first pony, King. She currently resides in Northern Italy near Como and will travel for lessons and courses teaching in either English or Italian.
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Dressage and Trail in Tuscany
Tour Code: IT-SR04
8 days / 7 nights ~$1,600.00
Dates: All year round

Trip Rating :
Difficulty : Riding Level (Click for legend) Lodging: Standard
Day to Day Itinerary
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Centered Riding
Tack: English saddle; general purpose and dr...
Horses: Lusitanos, Arabs, Anglo Arabs, Sella I...
Pace: 2-3 riding hours / day, the trail ride...
Walk, Trot, Canter,
Airport: Florence
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Riding Level Explained
A Beginner
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
B Novice
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
C Intermediate
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
E Advanced
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handling a spirited horse in open country.
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