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Horseback riding vacations in Europe

Equestrian tours in Europe

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Our equestrian tours in Europe

Horseback riding vacations in Europe

Europe has a lot to offer horse riders, with some of the most diverse horse riding holidays on the planet!

Horse riding vacations in EuropeEurope -  an evocative name, but also the name of a continent that many people don´t know very well. Hidden Trails offers you the chance to discover Europe on horseback - the best way to explore and truly get to know the different regions and countries, that are so diverse and offer so much history, culture and nature. Exploring Europe on horseback provides the adventurous traveler with a viewpoint not often experienced.

Choose from castle to castle rides in France to riding one of the spirited Lusitanos in Portugal; or experience the adventures of Iceland and friendliness of the Emerald Isle of Ireland. The beautiful Italy brings romance, history and culture to any of our rides in Tuscany, Campania or Sicily. Spain is world-renowned for its horse riders on Andalusians, and Turkey brings a taste of the exotic.

Ride in the mountains of Austria, or learn dressage in Germany
or on Lippizans in Slovenia. Countries like England and Wales offer country trails, while Greece hides ancient ruins. Discover emerging Eastern European tourist destinations and explore the Balkans in Albania, Serbia and Bulgaria or enjoy a horseback riding vacation in Romania, where horses still outnumber cars in rural Transylvania. Experience isolated wilderness in Poland. Witness the midnight sun in Norway.

From beaches to mountains, from lush forests to arid valleys, Europe offers numerous breathtaking options.

These are horseback riding equestrian tours you will never forget.