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Horseback riding vacations in Poland

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Horseback riding vacations in Poland

Horseback vacations in Poland are a chance to indulge in the charms of this iconic country. Whether you are drawn to Poland's rich history and integrity, astounding architecture, mouth-watering cuisine, or isolated wilderness, Poland offers every kind of escape. Hidden Trails bring together some of Poland’s most breathtaking horse riding holidays, covering some of the most beautiful locations.

Horse Riding in Poland

Horseback riding has long-standing traditions embedded deep within Poland's history. Horses were first used in Poland in the military in the 1700s. When the wars ended, they proved beneficial for agricultural production. Today, their use has expanded to leisure riding and even skijoring! Poland's equestrian industry has expanded to host many riding clubs, stables, and trails. Riding on horseback allows you to explore the most rural areas of Poland and really experience their way of life. Poland offers a diversity of landscapes to explore on horseback: from lush meadows with delicate flowers to expansive mountains.

Our Bieszczady Mountains Ride takes you around the south of Poland through untouched wilderness spotted with small villages. This trip is perfect for the minimalistic nature-lover. Nights in various farmhouses and lodges with the locals, fine Polish cuisine, and expert guides to take you through this wondrous landscape- this trip is sure create lasting memories!

Poland Climate & Weather

Poland's climate can be described as a temperate climate with relatively cold winters and warm summers, which is greatly influenced by oceanic air currents from the west, cold polar air from Scandinavia and Russia, as well as warmer, sub-tropical air from the south.


In winter, polar-continental fronts often dominate, bringing cold, frosty weather with temperatures far below zero an sometimes heavy snowfall. The late summer and autumn months are often influenced by dry, sub-tropical, continental air mass that bring plenty of warm days. The average air temperatures amount to 6 - 8.5°C for a year, the annual rainfall is 500 - 700 mm, of which snow constitutes only 5 - 20%.


The greatest amount of sunshine in summer is to be found on the Baltic coast, whilst in winter in the Carpathian Mountains. In the mountains, at any time of year, the climate is dependent on the altitude. In Warsaw, temperatures range from between 20 to 25°C during the summer months and 0 to -5°C in winter.


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