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Horseback riding vacations in Albania

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Equestrian tours in Albania

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Horseback riding vacations in Albania

Albania, for years a forgotten corner of the Mediterranean, is now open for business again. Gifted with beautiful mountain scenery and a stunning coastline, Albania has an untamed beauty that is now a rarity in Europe. 
Albania has only been independent since 1912, the last country to gain independence from the Ottoman Empire, it was then invaded by everyone of its neighbours before the government took over, ruling with a combination of terror, nationalism and isolation. It remained in power long after other communist regimes in Europe crumbled. Civil unrest bordering on anarchy overwhelmed the country in 1991-92 and again in 1997, and it is only since then that Albania has really started to find some sort of normality and relation with the rest of Europe. This checkered past has left its mark on the country, the general infrastructure, such as the roads, are a far cry from European standards, although improvements are now being made.
While the roads may have suffered, the spirit of Albanians seems unaffected, the hospitality, especially in the remote areas, is incredible. Life has changed little in the mountains of the north and the homemade cheese, bread and raki tastes how food should taste.

Our Remote Mountain Trek is one of the first to explore both the remote mountains of the north as well as the Riviera of the south.

Holidays on horseback in Albania

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