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Horseback riding vacations in Hungary

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Horseback riding vacations in Hungary

Horse riding vacations in HungaryHungary is a land with a long horse riding tradition, and many options for horse riding vacations.  Hidden Trails has assembled some of the most memorable (and reputable) horse trekking and riding operators in Hungary, for a truly memorable Hungarian horse riding holiday.

Horse Riding in Hungary:
Hungary is a country with a well-established riding heritage.  The Hungarian Warmblood is a sport horse of particular renown. These elegant horses are considered to be more refined than other warmblood breeds, whilst possessing exceptional intelligence and stamina.

Hungary is also well known for its Kisbér horse breed.  These “heavenly horses” are well known for their tremendous willingness, athleticism and heart. This breed was developed in Hungary, and is a cross between Thoroughbreds, Furiosos, Trakehners, Arabians and Selle Francais. 

The Great Plains Puszta – features the Kisbér breed.  On this tour you will have the opportunity to ride these noble horses across the vast northern plains of Puszta, in the 70,000 acre Hortobágy National Park.

Hungary Geography and Climate:
Budapest is Hungary’s capital city. This fantastic city is split in two by the Danube – with the older, graceful “Buda” on one side and the more commercial, art nouveau “Pest” on the other. Budapest contains the country's best bars and clubs, and has been a long time haven for writers, artists and musicians. Other centres, such as Eger, Pécs, Szentendre and Sopron are vibrant cities with rich histories and stunning architecture.

Hungary is known for its temperate continental climate. Weather patterns are influenced by the Mediterranean and Atlantic.  Winters in Hungary can be cold, cloudy and wet, whilst the summers are warm and sometimes very hot.

Most rain falls in May, June and November with the southwest usually wetter than the east. Hungary averages some of the highest sunshine hours in Europe - between 1900 and 2500 a year.  From April to the end of September you can expect the sun to shine for about 10 hours a day. July is the hottest month (average temperature 23° C) and January the coldest (-1° C). The average annual temperature is 11° C.

Geographically, Hungary is characterized by its relatively low elevation and seemingly unending prairie landscapes. The highest point is Kékes (1,014 meters) in the Mátra Mountains. Two major rivers run through Hungary – the Tisza and the famous Danube. Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake – Lake Balaton – is also found in Hungary. Such is its extent that many people often refer to it as the “Hungarian Sea”.  With 11 national parks and many protected areas, Hungary is a superb place to escape on a horse riding tour.

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