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Horseback riding vacations in Serbia

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Equestrian tours in Serbia

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Our equestrian tours in Serbia

Horseback riding vacations in Serbia

Serbia is still an undiscovered destination in the heart of Europe. Located in central Balkans it is the essence of mixture of cultures and influences that will always be viewed as the east to the west and as the west to the east. The interior of the country (Sumadija), literally Woodland is our new destination in Eastern Europe. It is here that you will get a glimpse of an archaic world covered in thick forest and mountain massifs isolated from the blessings and the curses of urban Serbia. A place wrapped up in its own magic of “slow living” that hasn’t changed for generations.
Rarely in Europe is such a small piece of land home to so many animal species and such beautiful nature. The scenic landscape where Equestrian Adventure – Serbia takes place has an abundance of rivers and mineral springs, majestic forests and mountain tops.
Explore with Hidden Trails the Borac Mountains with its small villages, remote monasteries and beautiful churches.

Holidays on horseback in Serbia

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