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Horseback riding vacations in Finland

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Equestrian tours in Finland

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Horseback riding vacations in Finland

Finland - the Pearl of the NorthHorse riding vacations in Finland
Finland is a unique and beautiful country, located between Sweden and Russia.  A love for the outdoors is a defining feature of Finnish culture and a horse riding holiday in Finland is a superb way to experience Finland’s nature first hand. Hidden Trails offer horseback vacations in Southern Lapland, an area of Finland just south of the Arctic Circle. These horse rides feature pure, remote wilderness – with overnights in quaint log cabins.  A Hidden Trails Finland horse riding vacation really is an excellent way to experience the joys of Finland, and meet the outdoor-loving people who call it home.

Horse Riding in Finland
Our Lapland Posio Trail horse riding adventure starts in Kuusamo. The town is located about 800 km (a one hour direct flight) from Helsinki, Finland’s capital city.

North-Kuusamo is just below the Arctic Circle - the land of the midnight sun – and is home to some of Europe’s oldest forests. Kuusamo has a spirit all of its own. Its history is long and its people are proud. There is much to choose from and much to experience. It is a story waiting to be told, full of myth and magic.

The horses are strong, fast and sure-footed Finnish horses. Experienced guides will take you on an equestrian adventure ride into the wilderness of southern Lapland - the country of the Sami people. 

Accommodations on this horse riding adventure are cabins – some with shower and sauna facilities.

Finland Climate and Culture
Finland has four distinct seasons, but during
horse riding season temperatures are generally mild during the day, and cool off in the evening.  September can see temperatures dropping to below freezing during the night.

Summer in Finland is generally dry, but it can rain.  It is advisable to carry good rain gear on all Finland horse riding vacations.  Because of Finland’s high latitude it experiences the “midnight sun” – a time of year when it is light for most of the night.

Culturally, Finnish people are known for their straightforwardness, kinship and strong affinity with nature and the wilderness.  Most Finns enjoy spending time outdoors, and are happy to share their unique country with visitors. Most Finns truly appreciate living spaciously in a house of their own (preferably built by themselves as well) surrounded by beautiful, pure nature. Homes are traditionally built of wood, with some modern homes built from tile.

Another very important aspect of Finnish culture is the sauna!  You will be hard pressed to find a Finn who does not enjoy meeting with friends for an extended sauna visit. Some of our horse riding accommodations include on site saunas, so you will be sure to experience this important Finnish pastime first hand!  You’ll also find there is no better way to rest aching muscles after a day of horse riding!

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